The Louvre Post from 1888 to 2022

The story of la Poste du Louvre is both historical and modern.It was originally built as a post office (la Poste) in the center of the Louvre Street Paris, France, the building is now being transformed into a multi-purpose space and has received multiple environmental certifications.

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This is an example of a classic building commemorating the design and construction of Julien Guadet from 1888 to 1898. La Poste du Louvre has long been a post office in a constantly changing industry, and in its one and a half century history, this has led to endless renovations. It was updated between the 1960s and 1980s, and intensive reconstruction was carried out after the fire in 1975. However, the building is owned by Poste Immo, a real estate subsidiary of the Louvre Post, and is undergoing a comprehensive and modern renovation under the guidance of architect Dominique Perrault. Its vision includes a hotel, restaurant, Shops, offices and social housing. In addition, the post office is intact.

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Building interior with ornate painted ceiling
Black metal frame glass wall

Perrault is particularly focused on going beyond the outlined standards required to obtain sustainable building related certifications. Therefore, the building has obtained the triple certification of NF HQE Renovation (Excellent Level), sorrow Core & Shell Gold and Brem (Very good level).

Inside the post office with a black metal ceiling
Building lobby with skylights

While striving to maintain the frame of the original building, a secondary structure was built inside to provide additional support. In this way, the new design retains the original stone and metal of the building as well as original decorative elements such as painted ceilings and traditional clocks. Even in keeping with the existing buildings, the space has been extensively upgraded in terms of thermal insulation.The air handling system and the renewal of the controllable exterior wall keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level energy efficiency. Long-term living spaces are characterized by strategic placement of windows to maximize views and natural lighting.

Bright white room with black metal and glass walls
Round window frames frame the view of Paris

In addition, the roof is equipped with solar panels to supplement energy use. The roof doubles as a garden, filled with various plants.The building is equipped Recycle rainwater, Which will be reused for cleaning and watering plants. Even the basement has been upgraded, and the bottom two floors of the building are equipped with parking spaces, including charging ports for electric or hybrid vehicles. La Poste du Louvre is expected to open to the public in 2022.

+ Dominique Perot Architecture

Photography by Michel Denance, Dominique Perrault Architecture

Wooden terrace with glass ceiling

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