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FiveThirtyEight is looking for an organized, process-savvy, and detail-oriented data editor to support some of the most ambitious work in our newsroom. This full-time role is an opportunity to apply your analytical and creative skills to all stages of story development, from conception to publication. In particular, the data editor will be responsible for reviewing the methodological and statistical choices we made in the story, checking the accuracy of statistical and empirical statements made in all reporting areas (including politics, sports, and science), and publishing the data we created Set, maintain internal reference databases (including our unique polling database) and supervise the work of two research assistants.

The data editor will report to the replication supervisor and work closely with the interactive editor to support our voting and data infrastructure. This full-time position with benefits is an American position and you can consider working remotely.To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume through the following methods Disney Career Portal. Due to the large number of applications we have received, we cannot reply to the personal emails sent to the hiring manager.


  • Serving as the quantitative editor for daily and feature reports—that is, reviewing method choices for FiveThirtyEight reporters and freelance data analysis, reviewing the code in the analysis, and carefully checking the statistical and empirical statements that are being made.
  • Cooperate with Copy Desk to manage daily and weekly editing workflow to ensure timely completion of quantitative editing.
  • Maintain our proprietary polling database with the help of two part-time research assistants, you will supervise them, and the support of the interactive team.
  • Publish the dataset to our public data repository and work with the Interactives team to maintain and improve these pages.
  • Work with journalists and interactive teams on data-intensive projects—especially those involving opinion polls—from concept to publication.

Basic qualifications:

  • Experience in conducting raw data analysis and/or critically evaluating the work of others.
  • Demonstrated goodwill and generosity in successful cooperation in large multi-stakeholder projects, and completed complex tasks under deadline pressure.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of statistical data (especially causal inference), survey methods, and the use of opinion polls.
  • Familiar with spreadsheets, conceptual understanding of relational databases, proficiency in at least one programming language (preferably R), and keen to learn new technologies as needed.
  • Obtain satisfactory ability from patience and gradual improvement and recording of evergreen data resources.

Priority qualification:

  • Journalism experience or a deep understanding of the editing process. If your experience is a copy editor or fact checker, so much the better, because meticulous attention to detail is the key.
  • Experience in reviewing and evaluating academic papers to identify and correct method flaws.
  • Have experience in supervising the work of others.
  • Have a deep understanding of American politics, especially electoral politics.
  • Passion for American sports and sports statistics.
  • Familiar with Ruby and Ruby on Rails experience.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of statistical models, such as models used to predict sports or election results.

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