20 organizational ideas that can make a big impact in 5 minutes

You know the deep satisfaction you get after solving a big problem organization Tasks such as clearing the garage or Organize the linen wardrobe? suddenly, all It feels neater and easier to manage in life, even if it is only in our imagination. Although I like this feeling very much, bigger jobs are usually scheduled until Sunday afternoon because I have time to spend a few hours.but I Have Found quite a lot of ways to inject quite a lot of these organizational ideas into jobs Zhou: Even if things are really busy, I can remind myself, Hey, just a few minutes!

In addition to the calmness that these give me, an additional side effect is that my life is often kept in order, because these have become my regular rotation habit.

I don’t know you, but when my space is tidy and orderly, I find that my concentration improves and my mood It’s lighter and doesn’t feel so scattered overall. It’s hard to keep track of my day. I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions because things are out of control. This is why I cannot acquire enough organizational skills. I would love to hear your quick hands in the comments! Just call these the “cheap stimulus” of the organization.

Read on for 20 organizational skills that can be solved in 5 minutes or less.

1. Create a to-do list for tomorrow in order of priority.

Don’t waste time rushing back and forth between errands or projects, but develop a to-do list to help you maximize your time and energy. I find that my mind is fresher and I am more focused in the morning, which makes it a good time for longer and more energy-intensive tasks. If they are postponed to the afternoon, I might start to be scared.

2. Delete all unused applications on the phone.

This will not only waste space on your device, but also take up space in your brain. Old games that you no longer play, social media apps that no longer exist, and old work apps don’t require any visual energy. Time to say goodbye!

3. Throw away old items and combine similar ingredients to organize the storage room.

I was shocked by the huge impact the reorganization of my storage room had on my daily life. After a few years in my house, it all became a mess and needed an overhaul, but I felt blocked on how to achieve it. Fortunately, my mother came to visit and brought her expert organization skills. This completely changed the rules of the game!

4. Clean up your computer desktop, delete unnecessary files, and archive other things in folders.

You will be surprised at reducing the impact of digital clutter on your life. Your computer will run faster, you will be able to find the files you need faster, and overall navigation will be less stressful. Nowadays, digital organization skills are as necessary as IRL skills!

5. Wipe your makeup drawer and throw away old products.

It’s crazy how fast the makeup drawer or makeup bag goes from neat to absolute disaster. How could this be? Check once a quarter to remove semi-used products with poor performance and empty containers that you forgot, and wipe everything clean when you use them.

6. Throw away all the trash in your car (including the trunk!) and bring in items that have accumulated over time.

Has anyone else committed this crime? It’s easy to leave a jacket, old napkin, or a strange can of soda in the car. But over time, it becomes difficult to manage. Check it thoroughly and start again.

7. Return the unanswered text.

Is there anything more intimidating than the small numbers next to the text messaging app? Set aside some time each week to return to loved ones who have always wanted to contact you. Unloading the burden of conscience is not only refreshing, but it also feels great to be in touch with someone you have always wanted to go back in time.

8. Organize your home office or desk by clearing the clutter on the desktop. Recycle any paperwork you no longer need.

Although few of us need paper in our daily work, there always seems to be an endless mess of paper that is difficult to reduce. Take the time to sift through any type of document or paperwork-from old mail to notes or old paperwork. It’s time to say goodbye.

9. Clean up the contents of the wallet.

Don’t waste time looking around for keys and phones, and make sure to carry only the essentials with you every day.

Keep going-we have gained more organizational skills in this way!

10. Respond to your most delayed email.

We all know the terrible emails that plague us all. Tear off the bandage and free your mind from this burden. It may take less time than you think, and you will feel truly liberated.

11. Filter your closet For any items you need to donate.

I like to do this after each season, it becomes obvious once I no longer use specific clothes. Normally, if you haven’t worn a particular sweater throughout the winter, or if you have been omitting a swimsuit during beach trips, then it’s time to say goodbye. (And don’t just put that bag of clothes in your car and “forget” bring it to Goodwill!)

12. Clean out the kitchen garbage drawer.

Everyone has one. Save the daily screening work and keep only what you really need almost every day. This seems to be a basic organization technique, but what is shocking is that the most common technique is the technique that bothers us the most!Follow our experts Trash drawer sorting skills You will be on the way!

13. Delete recorded TV shows that you do not plan to watch (or have already watched).

This also applies to updating your Netflix queue. I feel very guilty about organizing a large number of shows that have lost interest in the middle but have not yet been deleted. This is a waste of time, you don’t need it!

14. Sort out the mail piled up on the work surface.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like mailing? Why is it so scary? Tear off the bandage, pass it through, and move on. No one needs to be cluttered on their desks or countertops, and it’s usually mostly spam.

Having an organized, clean and tidy refrigerator, it will be very different when you open it and try to decide what to cook. It gives you a clear understanding of what you are using and reduces stress when trying meal plans.

16. Recycle the hangers and plastic bags still hanging in the closet from the dry cleaners.

When you look through the closet, you will never be punctured or frustrated by twisted wire hangers. These hangers never seem to stand still. Or better yet, bring your own reusable garment bag so you don’t have to use the bag provided by the cleaner!

17. Delete photos you don’t need iPhone.

The accumulation of photos on my iPhone is really shocking, but I find it helpful to spend some time each week deleting photos that I don’t need or dislike and sorting them into albums for easy access.

18. Organize your Medicine cabinet And throw away the old Rx bottle.

Getting rid of expired drugs is more important than you think! Categorize it and write down what you need. In this way, you will always know that you can rely on the items in your medicine cabinet and first aid kit and always feel ready.

19. Clean the makeup brush.

You don’t even want to know how many bacteria they have. Whether you are prone to acne or not, this is something you should do every week.Invest in a great detergent So it will not feel dragged down like this. Your skin will thank you for it.

20. Organize your drawers by matching socks and folding T-shirts into a beautiful stack.

Suddenly, you will feel like the most organized person ever!I am a fan Marie Kondo Method, but thanks to the many wonderful organizational skills you can find online, you can find the method that works best for you so that it stays good and tidy as you move forward.

This article was originally published on April 2, 2020 and has since been updated.

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