BAU Jiangyin City Development pays tribute to mankind, history and the earth

Throughout history, river It plays a vital role in both industry and entertainment, sometimes at the expense of one of them. As far as Yangtze River is concerned, modern developers are committed to creating a balance between the two.

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Located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China, this special area is hoped for regeneration. The design competition awarded BAU (Brearley Architects + Urbanists) the winning design proposal. The resulting multi-stage plan will transform the Jiangyin Industrial Wharf into a multi-purpose living/working area, softening the edge of the river that is often overbuilt.

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Aerial view of the lush park
Red path between two gardens

The first phase of this major project is to create a 4 km public area along the river. The goal is to rebuild the native ecosystem corridor while preserving the industrial characteristics of the area. In order to achieve this goal, the urban design team started with natural tidal microhabitats.They provide habitat animal And support to minimize degradation. The designer implemented a corridor of native trees, plant In order to outline the path connecting the Ebi Mountain ecological node in the east and the Canal Ecological Corridor in the west, this is the main goal of the project. This is used to provide bicycles and sidewalks along the water and between the development zone and the surrounding area.

A playground shaped like an old ship
Glass pergola for plant growth on both sides

In order to further participate in sports activities and a healthy lifestyle, the plan includes sports fields, roller skates parkThere are several children’s play areas, one of which is boat-shaped, and there is also an exercise area. There are also gathering areas in the large pavilion and dance square, as well as more private relaxation, games and picnic areas.

Old industrial elements in the new park
Aerial view of a large park with gray paths

To commemorate the deep history of the area, ship slides, gantry cranes and railings, shipyard structures, docks and many other cultural relics will be preserved. Even the sidewalk incorporates historical elements, with an explanatory map of the Yangtze River printed.a fish restaurant It also reflects the historical industry of the area. Information stations scattered throughout the dockland parks reiterate the importance of the area to tourists.

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Photography by Zeng Jianghe and Xiazhi via BAU

Aerial view of the port industry and leisure park

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