Deadly heat wave threatens American farm workers

People across the United States are suffering from heat waves, but many people can use air conditioners indoors to relieve stress.This is not the case for farm workers, according to CDC According to statistics, the probability of dying from heat-related causes is 20 times that of other workers. Now, some advocacy groups are trying to obtain federal protection from exposure to high temperatures in the workplace.

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According to the “Guardian”, farm worker Tre Cruz said: “It is really good to have a broad rule, so when farmers see the temperature is too high, they need to stop and let people rest.” You can see when it’s really hot at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, people can’t jobs No more. However, the pressure of continuing to work and continuing to work is really great. “In many cases, the boss will not refuse to answer, but will continue to push employees.

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Last month, 38-year-old Sebastián Francisco Pérez fell on a tree in Oregon farm During the heat wave. The high temperature death of a Guatemalan man prompted Washington State to announce new emergency rules to protect farms and other outdoor workers and provide some heat protection. The only two worker protection states in the United States related to high temperatures are California and Minnesota. Colorado has taken some limited steps in this direction.

“It’s very hot there and it’s getting worse every year,” said Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli, general coordinator of the Agricultural Workers’ Association. Florida, According to the “Guardian” report. “One of the biggest problems is how farm workers are paid. When they are paid by piece rate, this encourages workers to work harder. When they become part of the crew, those who slow down because they have to take a break or go to the toilet. , And then they will be the ones who slow down the crew.”

And the situation will only get worse. June 2021 is the hottest June on record in the United States.Last year, CUHK Washington Researchers predict that by 2100, the number of days that American farm workers work under unsafe temperatures will nearly triple, from an average of 21 days per harvest season to 62 days.

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