Famous environmental activist killed in Nairobi

Famous environmental activist killed in Nairobi

The famous environmental activist Joannah Stutchbury was shot dead while driving home in Nairobi on July 15. KenyaThe incident was condemned by local environmental activists, who called for justice for the murder.

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Dr. Paula Kahumbu, CEO of WildlifeDirect, a conservation non-governmental organization, said that the country’s entire protection After the murder, the community shook. “This is really bad. The Protection Brotherhood is very shaken. This is devastating,” Kahumbu said.

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Before her murder, Stutchbury strongly opposed several projects that planned to encroach on protected land. Stutchbury strongly opposes the private development of Kiambu Forest, which is located in Nairobi, The capital of Kenya. It is believed that she was targeted because of her activism.

Her body was found in her car, the engine was still running, and all necessities were intact. This shows that the motive for the murder was not robbery.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta also condemned the murder, saying that Stuchbury was a champion of her work. “Joanna has been an unwavering supporter of protecting us for a long time. surroundings She is remembered for her tireless efforts to protect Kiambu Forest from encroachment,” Kenyatta said.

The Kenya Forest Service also spoke out and called for an urgent investigation. Stutchbury’s efforts have greatly helped protect the services of woodlands that have been threatened by merchants and threats. politician“Joanna helped a lot [the Kenya Forest Service] And strongly oppose the destruction of Kiambu Forest. We need a detailed investigation by the police to find out what happened and what the motive was. People should not forget what happened,” an official from the department told a local newspaper.

Environmental activists in Kenya have been under threat for a long time. The Stutchbury murder is just one of several environmental violence murders ActivistsIn 2018, Kenyan American environmentalist Esmond Bradley Martin was stabbed to death at his home in Nairobi. Martin played an important role in protecting threatened species by clarifying the country’s ivory trade.

“A lot of bad things have happened in the Kenyan environment. People are very afraid, even officials. There are a lot of fears, but no one thought that someone would kill an old lady like Joanna. This is very cowardly behavior,” Kahumbu said .

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