The 400-year-old Baroque restaurant San Rose undergoes a sensitive facelift

This monastery became–restaurant Gives architectural planners 400 years to reveal and celebrate. The gradual unveiling is under the responsibility of ADR Architecture Studio, whose mission is to respect the original building in the process.

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This building is called Brumov Monastery and it originated in the Baroque architectural era.The design team did not dismantle the masterpiece for modernization, but took pains Refurbish One section at a time. This is combined with various other projects handled by the studio in the complex, including Café Dietzenhofer, the revival of Růžový dvůr (rose garden), a new visitor center and U Tří růží (three roses) restaurant. South wing.

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Bar with wooden floor and curved ceiling
The interior of the restaurant has a checkered floor and is lit with blue lights

Over the centuries, the monastery has experienced many uses and suffered a period of neglect and disrepair. Current investors are asking the team to renovate the space while maintaining the original footprint, which is not entirely in line with modern needs.The resulting Three Roses restaurant is a tribute to the original bar food And they drank in this place for the first few hundred years before the decay began, so history is on their side. Nevertheless, the designer must reverse previous inadequate improvement attempts and overcome other obstacles. The studio worked with conservationists to meticulously rescue objects of historical significance and replicate the true charm of the Baroque era.

Wooden bar in baroque restaurant
The dining room features wooden tables, old wooden floors and vaulted ceilings

Separate but connected vaults, kitchens, activity rooms, and indoor and outdoor dining areas are discovered through corridors that focus on unique arches and terrazzo tile floors made by local producers. Along the way, every surface that can be salvaged or re-paved is preserved in the building, including the old floor that became the top of the bar and the original paint layer to reveal the history of the space.

Longwood Bar in Beige Restaurant

Inside the kitchen, the original tile stove, stone decorative strips and some unexpected small doors and windows also benefited from the renovation. The original casement windows and paneled doors are preserved with authentic spirit and inspiration of modern dialogue.All salvageable historical items have been refurbished or copied, and the restaurant is full of rustic atmosphere wood The tables and wall panels create a traditional bar atmosphere.

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