The mini tropical rainforest at the Nanbowan reception center thrives

In Yinchuan Shi, China, Sunson Design’s Nanbo Bay Reception Center is an eye-catching architectural example that weaves nature with comfort and eye-catching attraction. The center is adjacent to China Yinchuan Cultural Park, behind which is the wetland, which seems to stimulate most of the Feng Shui flow in the building.

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The experience starts at the entrance and is called the “Time Hall”.Here, visitors’ first impression of bathing in a natural and mysterious space plant. The reception hall is actually a mini ecological rainforest with fresh green plants such as bamboo, banyan trees, plantain and low shrubs. This environment invites guests to slow down, look around and enjoy the natural elements while gradually moving forward in the space.

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Cross the wooden walkway in the indoor rainforest area.

Ample natural light flows in from the innovative skylight overhead, from the fascinating grill design to the extraordinary Sky light effect. The combination of outdoor and indoor makes visitors wonder if they are actually in the building.

The dining table in the middle of the indoor rainforest area has large built-in wooden shelves on parallel walls.

Move into the adjacent sand table display area, where visitors can meet more Natural Ingredients In the form of floor-to-ceiling stone walls and rich wood decoration. There is also a spacious library and lounge area outside the reception hall, with tables spaced across the tiered stairs. There is a bar on the opposite side of the built-in bookshelf wall. The bookshelves are full of works worth discussing that pay tribute to ancient Yinchuan. The entire dining area, wood Tables and chairs, wallpaper printed with food patterns and bamboo screens continue the ecological theme.

On the left is a curved sidewalk, and on the right is green space and plants.

The Nanbo Bay Reception Center also has a landscape courtyard, awe-inspiring sculptures and a glass-walled swimming pool area, creating a “zero gravity” visual illusion, bringing a floating effect.These spaces work together to add elements water, Stones, light, music and plants.

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Photography by Kanghui Zeng

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