No Bake Mango Cardamom Cream Ice Box Cake with Salted Pistachios

Although I love baking desserts, in summer, I prefer candies that don’t require me to light the oven.Any excuse to stay calm and calm Satisfy my sweet tooth It was a major victory. Enter the refrigerator cake. If you have never entered the world of refrigerator cakes before, you are welcome. We are very happy to have you.

Similar to trivia, refrigerator cakes consist of putting together some form of cream, biscuits, and fillings in the refrigerator. The result is a layered dessert that resembles a layered cake when sliced. apart from, No bake It’s required!

I decided to try some of my favorite flavors to create the ultimate summer food. If I say so myself, this may be one of the favorite things I have ever done.

I like mangoes-I did grow up eating mangoes Mango Lassi After all-my desire for sweet summer fruits is basically a year-round love. (Also take a look: Mango salad with Dried mango perfect.) So when I think of a fresh refrigerator cake flavor that is not that sweet, obviously I want to use sunshine fruit.

The layers of this special refrigerator cake are as follows: mango puree, cardamom cream, biscuits and salted pistachio crumbles.

So let’s talk about mangoes. You want the real ripe and fresh mangoes here to really bring out the sweetness of the fruit. I use Kent mangoes from Indian grocery stores, and I swear they are different from the mangoes you buy in other grocery stores. Some people prefer Ataulfo ​​mangoes, but you just want to make sure that the mangoes are ripe and fiber-free so that you can get a truly sweet and smooth texture from the puree. For this layer, all you have to do is mix the fruit with some lime juice and a pinch of salt in a blender. I store the remaining puree in a mason jar and then put it in the refrigerator. To be honest, I ate it directly from the jar with a spoon!

Next is our cardamom cream-another layer, I also ate it directly with a spoon. Because I don’t like super sweet desserts, I want this layer to have a bit of soup and bite it, so I folded some softened cream cheese into the whipped cream to make it taste delicious and go well with mango. The most important thing is the freshly grated cardamom, which gives the cream a sweet floral fragrance, which is very good. This is one of my favorite flavors, and I highly recommend using freshly grated cardamom on the pre-ground canned option. Fresh cardamom is real magic, it really makes a big difference here!

The layer that keeps everything standing is our biscuits.I have seen many refrigerator cakes that use graham biscuits. Although I like graham biscuits, I have used these Mary biscuits that I have in the pantry. These biscuits are from snacks. cupThe biscuits soften well in the cream without falling apart, but here you can use graham crackers as you like.

Finally, for some crunchiness and texture, I made a little salted pistachio crumble to put everything on top. All I did here was chop some roasted pistachios, crumble some of the remaining biscuits, and add a pinch of Malden salt to make the topping. It gives the cake a nice crunch and a little salt to reduce the sweetness.

Adding all the layers together is a match made in heaven, allowing me to eat directly from the can.

The best part of refrigerator cake is that it should look rustic. There is no need to be neat and perfect for everything-isn’t it that kind of atmosphere now? No one wants some exquisite desserts that they must make absolutely perfect. I prefer some delicious snack foods!

If you care more about presentations, I have a tip. After removing the freezer cake from the plastic wrap and placing it on your tray, you can use an offset spatula to apply an extra layer of whipped cream on both sides of the cake to break it down a bit before adding it.

Get your canned food ready, it’s time for dessert!

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