Olympic organizers reformed the opening ceremony after the bullying scandal

After the composer Keigo Koyamada resigned for past comments about bullying classmates with disabilities when he was young, Tokyo 2020 is scrambling to revise the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

After initially hinting that it wanted to keep Koyamada’s position, the organizers changed course, accepted his resignation and cancelled the four-minute score he had written for the opening ceremony on Friday.

The last-minute decision shows that the organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are eager to appease public opinion. A series of scandals The last few days before the start of the game bothered the game.

But a person close to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics said that the decision to delete Koyamada’s work triggered a “planning nightmare.” The initial debate focused on whether to replace the blank with a brand new piece of music, or to add about 30 seconds to all other episodes. The show-a more complex proposal.

“In either case, you will ask a lot of planners at the last minute. Not to mention the performers,” the person said.

Interview with Koyamada in 1994, in which the composer Known as “Cornelius” Bragging about humiliating and bullying a disabled student at school, reappeared on social media over the weekend.

Koyamada Keigo © AP

Tokyo 2020 stated: “In view of his sincere apology, we expressed our willingness to let Mr. Koyamada continue his preparations within a short period of time before the opening ceremony.” “However, we began to believe that this decision was wrong, and we decided to accept his resignation. .”

When Koyamada left, the number of matches-related Covid-19 cases rose to 71, and there was growing concern that the absence would affect sports competitions.

The nine new cases announced on Tuesday included an athlete resident Olympic village, To increase the number of cases there to three, as well as one official from abroad, six contractors and one volunteer.

Organizers stated that 18 people were believed to be close contacts of South African football players who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week. South Africa is scheduled to face Japan in the first round on Thursday.

After an Olympic staff member from Uzbekistan was arrested on suspicion of serious sexual assault, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is also under pressure; a Ugandan weightlifter disappeared, and he left a note saying that he wanted to find it in the country Work; Toyota decided not to put Olympic-themed ads in Japan.

As the number of infections started to rise last month, public opposition to the Olympics remains high. Japanese sponsor They had previously paid up to $100 million for the right to associate their brand with the Olympics Hire a consultant To determine whether the association will really have a negative impact.

Toyota’s decision not to run explicit Olympic-themed ads was described by the executives of the other two sponsors as extremely influential, making it easier for them to do the same thing.

Mitsui Fudosan, a real estate company leading the development of the Olympic Village, has already started advertising based on sports imagery, but carefully did not mention the Olympics.

Panasonic is a global Olympic sponsor before 2024. The company said it will continue to use the Olympic logo in its TV commercials, but has no plans to broadcast advertisements related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Bank of Japan Nomura Securities continued to place ads ending with pictures of the Olympic rings next to the National Stadium.

Additional report by Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

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