This is how the billionaire space race harms the environment

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, successfully flew into space and landed on Earth this month, a move that reignited the topic of rockets PollutionOver the years, due to the small number of launches, the pollution caused by rocket launches has often been eliminated. However, due to the recent billionaire space race, environmentalists have expressed concern about the pollution caused by these launches.

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Branson was one of six crew members who flew to space on Virgin Galactic’s first flight earlier this month. This flight opened the door for more people to visit space and joined other space shuttle companies such as Space X. With the advancement of rocket technology, the cost of space travel is declining, thereby attracting more tourists. Conservative I am worried that this trend will pose a threat to the environment because of the huge amount of pollution emitted by rockets.

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According to Eloise Marais, associate professor of physical geography at University College London, a long-distance flight can produce up to 3 tons carbon dioxide Each passenger, and a rocket can produce up to 300 tons of weight, which can travel about four people.A report from Futurism It also pointed out that the burning of kerosene and methane rockets “will eventually damage the ozone layer.”

At present, the number of rocket launches is still very small. last year, Only 114 The rocket is trying to get into orbit, which is a huge contrast to the approximately 100,000 planes that take off every day. Nevertheless, the number of rockets launched into space has increased significantly, and this number may increase in the coming years. What is worrying is that these rockets will emit everything from carbon dioxide to chlorine. Chemicals Directly into the upper atmosphere, they can stay there for two to three years.

Marais said that the lack of supervision in the rocket industry is a problem that should be resolved to solve the industry’s pollution problem. “We currently have no regulations regarding rockets Emissions,” Marais said. “Now is the time to take action—and the billionaire is still buying tickets. “

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