Republicans vowed to block Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan in the first vote

Joe Biden’s $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package reached a legislative deadlock on Wednesday. Republicans intend to block its progress in Congress and allow Democrats to scramble to re-enact the agreement.

Possible failure plan In a procedural vote later on Wednesday, this does not mean its chance is doomed, because centrist lawmakers from both parties have vowed to continue negotiations in the next few days.

But it also highlights the difficulty Biden He is seeking Congress to approve his ambitious multi-trillion dollar economic agenda.

This also increases the possibility that the President of the United States will have to formulate his ambitious tax and spending plan with the support of the Democratic Party alone.

Biden will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday to promote his economic plan and hold a TV town hall meeting with local residents.Although the U.S. economic growth and job creation have increased substantially since he took office in January, due to Spread rapidly Infectious Delta variants, and disturbing spikes inflation.

Since Biden announced last month that he had reached an agreement with moderate senators from both parties on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, lawmakers have been arguing about the text.

In order to push them to reach a final agreement and force them to take action, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a procedural vote on Wednesday afternoon to advance the legislation, which would require 60 out of 100 senators. Name approval. House of Lords.

Schumer said: “This vote is not a deadline to complete all the final details, nor is it an attempt to interfere with anyone.”

but Republicans It has been hinted that they will vote against the plan because they need more time to fine-tune the language, especially how to pay for the extra expenses.

“This gimmick is doomed to fail,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. He added that Schumer could “reconsider when bipartisan products actually exist.”

Republicans have successfully removed the language from the bill Increase law enforcement The Internal Revenue Service conducts more active audits of existing tax laws. Other problems remain, including public transportation funds boycotted by conservative lawmakers.

As negotiations on the bipartisan bill dragged on, progressive Democrats believed that Biden should turn his attention to passing the rest of his 4 trillion dollar agenda, using only the kind called ” “Reconciliation” legislation strategy. This allows budget measures to be approved by a simple majority in the upper house of Congress.

“Our roads and bridges are actually crumbling. I said from the beginning – we can’t wait for the Republicans on this because all they want to do is obstruct. It’s time to make big plans,” the Washington State House of Representatives Democrat Pramila Jayapal (Pramila Jayapal) said on Twitter on Wednesday.

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