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When I was in college, my best friend took me to a female sex shop, where I found a vibrator. I vaguely know they exist, but actually trying one feels exciting (in the best way).

Now, decades later, sex toys are better than ever. Noblewoman It was founded by two women-a sexologist and an engineer-who wanted to revolutionize sex toys. Through clever design, a lot of research, and a lot of empathy, Dame’s products help increase intimacy and narrow the gap in pleasure.

First of all, have you heard of their new toys? Air? It was designed to simulate oral sex (by generating rhythmic air pulses) and quickly became a bestseller. How amazing is this?

Their long-term bestseller is arc — It has a waiting list of more than 3,000 people (!), and it is now available again. It has a powerful motor, a soft bulb that stimulates the clitoris, and an easy-to-reach curved handle to help you find the perfect position.

Other beloved toys include Pompom, A flexible vibrator that fits your palm, and Eva, The waterproof couple vibrator you can use Hands-free.

If you just want to try something simple, Dame has a new bullet vibe, Ze, Although small, but powerful. It has three speeds and costs only $30.

Finally, you can find extra things to enhance your fun, such as Five-star water-based lubricants, One Wake up serum For the warm tingling, and Gentle toy cleaner.

Today, Dame gave a lucky reader Partner optional package + A $150 gift card (worth more than $400).For a chance to win, please visit Dame’s online shop And comment below. A winner will be randomly selected tomorrow. Thank you so much!

Rewards for all readers: Dame orders using code COJ15 can enjoy a 15% discount, valid until September 30.view all Dame’s products are here.

(This article is created by Noblewoman, A company owned by women we love and trust. Thank you for supporting the brand of Joe’s Cup. )

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