A few weeks ago, some friends and I had dinner under a small candlelight Mediterranean restaurant In Fort Green. Before we reached our table, my friend Ryan was already gushing about all the different plates we had to try. After she listed the sweet potato hummus and lamb skewers, there was a kind of reverence in her voice: “And the light soy ricotta dipping sauce. We must get whipped ricotta cheese. “

When the server asked us to order, this was the first word she said, and I quickly understood why. After a pile of small plates came to our table one by one, I went straight to the ricotta granola. I must see if it lives up to the hype. You know those moments when you think something will be good, but you don’t realize how good it is? The first bite, I have that moment. Is everything I’ve eaten so far a lie? Why have I just experienced such a good thing? This is the best thing I have eaten in a whole year, probably the best thing I have eaten in my life.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Ryan said, looking at me with a smile. I am a believer. I know I can’t stop thinking until I find the recipe, and, thank goodness, Internet delivery. I can’t wait to make this myself at home (the secret is brown butter!) but I have a feeling that nothing can replace the first bite.

What is the best food you have eaten recently? I would love to hear it!

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