From rich ice cream to gold-toned chocolate, here’s how I’ve been packing up calories and saying goodbye to a year that’s gone too fast and too slow at the same time.

This will be my last piece in a year that has gone by so fast and so slow at the same time. Here’s how I was packing in calories at the end of the year.

Everyone loves ice cream, the rich and creamy stuff (not low in calories), and when it comes with waffle cones and generous toppings, it’s all the more reason to dig in. This is the Baskin Robbins Happyness Pack in a nutshell.

In the meantime, I’ve done something with work – I’ve hosted the launch of Grover-Zampa’s latest premium wine range. It’s called Signet and it’s a great experience – the same Syrah grape single estate made a little differently. The result is five dynamic and distinct wines that are a great talking point in gourmet circles. They cost 4,000 a pop but only a few hundred of each were made (they will only sell at the basement door). Therefore, it is not only a good wine, but also very rare.

Now, I’m going to give you a sneak peek through a few bottles I’ve been stocking lately – the Martell XO Cognac, which is among the best cognacs out there and perfect with Andre Garcia cigars this time of year; Chandon Rose sparkling wine, a locally grown champagne with French expertise and support that always pleases a pop; Kremlin vodka, official (original) vodka for all state and elite functions of Russia; Corralejo Tequila, a beautiful, family-owned, handcrafted, boutique and luxury tequila house; and Jam Station from Grant’s. The last one is a set of three boxes that convert into a quick fix bar, and it comes with a whiskey glass and pouring scale/agitator/tying. Pour into Grant’s Distinction Bottle (which comes with) and you’re all ready to dispense drinks in style.

I know gold doesn’t have any inherent taste, but I found the concept of Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates made with 24 karat gold to be irresistible. I mean, it’s really delicious chocolate, and if the ancient alchemists were right all along, gold might extend our life too.

Now, I’m going to talk about the guys doing hot dogs what a barista did for coffee as a category. Loaded with a mix of toppings (meaty/cheese), Top Dog Hot Dogs are the right slob to get your winter toppings on. Sinful, but then, it’s December.

They say that Ricky cookies make natural cookies with unusual flavors and it’s true. But I think they do much more than that. The amount I received was tasty, crumbly, gently sticky, pressed, and disappeared very quickly. If you want a proper cookie to dip into that glass of milk, look no further.

I think my wife and I made it something of taking a vacation every month. He finds you a whole new motivation to toil the rest of the time. The Lodhi is a unique property in that it is a luxury resort destination in the heart of the city.

Head in and you’ll truly be transported into a whole new world of tranquility with indoor plunge pools, a lavish spa, fine Italian food, unique outdoor spaces, and a wine list that’s hard to resist. I resolved to return there more regularly for life, which I now think, is lost on those who do not enjoy it so much.

A final sensual pampering albeit somewhat unrelated. In a somewhat unique hub, C Krishniah Chetty Jewelery Group has launched an impressive line of fragrances. I tried the combination and was pleasantly surprised and also confused as to which one to go with. Unlike current trends, it’s not just about us but playing with a myriad of notes. My favorite used to be beryl with freshly cut Virginia cedar, Italian bergamot, and Iranian saffron – now a luxury product if anything.

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