Campaign: Flipvertising

Brand: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Agency: CHEP Network, Sydney

Why the campaign rocks:

How often can a campaign make people do the one thing they hate the most? And embrace that one thing that they stand against principally? The answer is almost, always, never.

Except this time, for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Gen Z consumers aren’t big fans of the algorithms that make them recipients of targeted ads on social media. A majority of them believe it’s an invasion of their privacy. But Flipvertising brilliantly turned this fact on its head and made the Gen Z consumers actually work towards ‘tricking’ search algorithms. They did this by targeting them with more Galaxy Z Flip 4 ads via influencers and user-generated content, and with an online scavenger hunt to win a Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The campaign made consumers voluntarily paint a big target on themselves, which is brilliant. The case video makes for a wonderful watch. The campaign is hilarious. It’s self-aware, openly subversive, and has pushed the boundaries of targeted advertising.

This is good advertising at work. It makes you proud to be part of this business.

—As told to Christina Moniz

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