Coal India Ltd sent nearly 1.82 million tons of coal to power plants on October 28, up nearly 43 percent compared to 1.27 million tons at the same time last year. In doing so, the state-owned mining company has exceeded its target of supplying around 1.7 million tons to the power sector by the end of this month. Total transmission (to the energy and non-energy sectors) increased to 2.11 metric tons.

Higher supplies (not only from CIL but also from other sources including Singareni Collieries Company (SCCL), captive coal mines and imported coal) helped improve the stock situation at power plants which increased to 9.42 metric tons on October 27, versus 7.29 metric tons On October 10 this year.

The number of factories maintaining critical or super critical stock levels (holding stocks less than six days) also fell to 91 as of October 27, compared to about 115 on October 10, according to data available on the Central Electricity Authority’s website.

Average daily stock at coal-fired thermal power plants rose to five days, up from about four days nearly two weeks ago.

Among the 135 power plants, about four plants with a total capacity of 3,510 MW have zero daily stock as on October 27 compared to 17 plants with a total capacity of 16,430 MW; The number of stations with one-day inventory fell at 15 (total capacity 16,722 MW), compared to 26 (total capacity 34,930 MW) on October 10.

Improve stock condition

According to a senior CIL official, the company’s supply to the energy sector increased by about 23 percent at 288.25 metric tons during the period from April 1 to October 28 this year, compared to 234 metric tons in the same period last year.

“We expected to touch 1.7 million tons in the energy sector by the end of the month but we actually reached 1.82 million tons yesterday. Now the important thing is to maintain this type of supply,” the official said. business line.

The average daily supply of the power sector increased from around 1.2-1.3 metric tons in August to nearly 1.55 million tons in early October.

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While the mines at Mahanadi Coalfields and SECL have been “performing very well”, the situation in the eastern coal fields (which were flooded due to heavy rainfall) is also slowly improving.

The average daily supply of CIL reaches approximately 2 lakh tons usually around February and March. However, due to the massive demand for coal from thermal power plants, CIL increased supplies in October.

An industry official said that at the current operating rate, nearly four tons will likely be added to coal stocks at power plants on a daily basis.

The average coal stock in power plants is expected to improve to six to seven days and the average daily stock is likely to rise to more than 10 metric tons by the end of this month.

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