Kishore was also asked about TMC’s chances in the Goa polls, which he said had no ability to predict the results of the poll.

Political strategist Prashant Kishore, who has been critical of Congress in the past few months, appeared to soften his stance, saying that a strong opposition is not possible without Congress, and that its leader Rahul Gandhi could become prime minister. Minister.

In an interview with Times Now, Kishore said the main opposition party still had 20 percent of the vote nationally, and also cautioned that a united opposition does not necessarily mean a strong opposition. Citing the example of Bihar, Kishore said that the united opposition there failed to defeat the BJP after the 2015 Bihar elections.

The remarks came in stark contrast to his earlier comments where he criticized the Congress leadership and said that an anti-BJP opposition front is possible without the Congress. The situation was quite in line with the Trinamool Congress rhetoric trying to elevate the Congress party as the BJP’s main competitor at the national level.

Kishore changed his approach in his dealings with Rahul Gandhi, saying that a congressman had the potential to become prime minister, but added that the party could run without Gandhi. He also said that the Gandhi family could allow non-Gandhis to run the Congress if all the party leaders wished to do so.

In response to another question, Kishore said that the BJP could secure more seats in the assembly elections in 2022 than it won in 2017. When asked about a leader he wants to work with again, Kishore named Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. On the question of a leader who would never wish to work with him, Kishore chose Amarinder Singh out of four leaders.

Kishore was also asked about TMC’s chances in the Goa polls, which he said had no ability to predict the results of the poll. However, he has said that his company I-PAC’s agreement with TMC may go beyond West Bengal.

Contrary to public opinion, Prashant Kishore said that the UP elections could not be decisive for 2024, but emphasized that the AU elections are important. In response to Rahul Gandhi’s continued attack on Hindutva, Kishore said it was not necessary for Congress to raise the Hindutva issue because the BJP liked this narrative.

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