India vaccinated more than 68 people against Covid-19 on Saturday, October 30, according to official data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

According to the data, as of Oct 31, 7 AM, 68,04,806 doses had been administered in the past 24 hours. Of this, 25,33,860 were first doses while 42,70,946 were second doses.

1,06,14,40,335 total doses of Covid vaccine have been administered so far in the country. This includes 73,16,21,098 first doses and 32,98,19,237 second doses.

Uttar Pradesh tops the list in terms of the largest number of total doses taken. It is the first country to cross the Rs 13 crore mark in terms of total doses with 13,07,49,803 doses administered. Maharashtra followed with 9,80,89,337 doses. West Bengal gave the third largest number of total doses with 7,74,83,423 doses.

Uttar Pradesh is also leading in terms of first and second doses.

It has given 9,81,25,464 first doses of the vaccine so far. It is followed by Maharashtra with 6,71,45,633 first doses, and West Bengal with 5,59,82,557 doses.

In terms of second doses, Uttar Pradesh gave 3,26,24,339 second doses. Maharashtra followed with 3,09,43,704 doses and Gujarat with 2,59,10,291 doses.

The number of coronavirus infections in India has exceeded 34.2 million. According to official data, the number of active cases reached 159,272, down by 2,283. The number of patients who recovered/discharged/immigrated increased from 14,667 to 33655842. 446 new deaths were recorded, bringing the death toll to 458,186.

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