#G20 and Covid-19 talks: As the G20 summit kicks off, discussions will focus on the climate, the economy and Covid-19. The Indian Prime Minister is ready to join these discussions.

Read more: Prime Minister Modi arrives in Italy to attend the G20 Summit

# Doses for children: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved child-sized doses—just one-third of the amount given to teens and adults. This paves the way for children ages 5 to 11 to get the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer.

Read more: FDA clears way for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccinations for young children

# More on pediatric dosing: Dr. Reddy’s laboratories will begin clinical trials of the children’s version of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V.

Read more: Dr. Reddy begins trial of a pediatric booster dose Sputnik V in November

# Kerala Increase: Medical experts have attributed the unrelenting curve of Covid in Kerala, to the slow pace of administration of the second dose of the vaccine and the spread of a delta variable.

Read more: Late strikes, delta type behind Covid rise in Kerala

# Reopen Delhi: The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Friday allowed full seating capacity in cinemas, theaters and complexes, and also raised the number of people attending weddings and last rites to 200 from 100.

Read more: Cinema halls in Delhi allowed full seating capacity, number of weddings and funerals doubled to 200

# This is how Kolkata does: County judges have been asked to ensure that schools are ready by October 31. Schools and colleges in West Bengal will reopen for offline classes on November 16.

Read more: Notification issued to Bengal schools and colleges to reopen on 16th November

# private pollination: After administering seven doses of Covid-19 vaccine at Rs. crore, the Madhya Pradesh government will launch a special vaccination campaign from 15th November by setting up vaccination and testing camps at public events to cover all eligible residents by the end of this year.

Read more: COVID-19 | MP Govt launches a special vaccination campaign from 15 November to cover the entire population by the end of the year

# Origins of Covid-19: Officials said Friday in releasing a full transcript of their review on the origins of the pandemic.

Read more: US intelligence does not expect to determine the origins of Covid-19

# Prosecuting States: Ten states have sued to stop President Joe Biden’s authorization of a Covid-19 vaccine to federal contractors, arguing that the requirement would violate federal law.

Read more: 10 US states sue the Biden administration over the Covid-19 vaccine law

# Visually, October – A decrease in daily cases of Covid-19, but a rise in deaths.

Read more: Cases are down, but deaths are up

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