Data Security Council of India (DSCI), has appointed Pramod Bhasin as the new chairman.

Vinayak Godse, CEO, DSCI, said, “Data Security Council of India is an endeavor to enhance cybersecurity and privacy preparedness, foster collaboration and coordination, and drive innovation in the area. The DSCI team welcomes Pramod Bhasin, a pioneer of the business process industry in India, to realize the possibilities thrown by cyber security and privacy in this technology driven decade (Techade). His experience and guidance would help us scale our effort not only matching our expectations but also adapting and accelerating our efforts to play a decisive role in a world that will have numerous breakthrough technologies and rapid digitization.”

As per the company, the appointment is effective April 1, 2023.

Bhasin is the founder of Genpact Ltd and is currently the Chairman of ICRIER. He has assumed a new role, succeeding Rajendra S. Pawar, the chairman and co-founder of NIIT Group.

Pramod Bhasin, Chairman, DSCI said, “As we continue to face ever-evolving threats and challenges in the realm of cybersecurity, it is more important than ever that we stay at the forefront of innovation and expertise. I am committed to fostering and sharing knowledge to help ensure the security of collaboration in our digital world. I look forward to working with the DSCI team led by Vinayak Godse, who have already done excellent work to build the foundations for DSCI.”

Additionally, Bhasin established Genpact in 1996 and led it until 2011, shaping the Business Process Industry in India and propelling it to the global market forefront. He is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the field.

According to the company, the newly appointed leadership aims to make cybersecurity a cornerstone of the new era of digitization. With cybersecurity now a national interest, DSCI is fully committed to achieving the goals of safeguarding digital technology and protecting against cyber vulnerabilities.

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