The data suggested that although demand growth rose in absolute terms, the rate of increase from June to July and August 2021 was flat.

As skills rise across sectors to bridge the emerging skills gap, a report revealed that the demand for digital skills such as Java, Cloud and Platform technologies has seen a boom since the last quarter. Technologies, Java, Cloud Infra, and Data Analytics, among others, have all seen an increase since last quarter, according to data business solutions provider Quest Corp.

The data suggested that although demand growth rose in absolute terms, the rate of increase from June to July and August 2021 was flat. The report indicated that the search for the best tech talent this year has been launched into an unprecedented battle, reflecting the rapid adoption of digital business models in industry-wide organizations.

The report is based on data derived from the algorithm embedded in the company’s application tracking system that recruits and matches all job candidates. Data on the percentage of transformation in higher skills are for the time period of June, July and August 2021 compared to September-October-November 2021.

According to the report, tech giants as well as startups are experiencing double-digit growth and are ramping up their teams by hiring more people than ever before, to combat the growing attrition and cater to their workforce amid the ‘Great Resignation’.

The report notes that there is a high demand for recruiting and recruiting firms as organizations seek to fulfill their workforce mandates with specialized and highly specialized technical skill sets.

According to a report by market intelligence firm UnearthInsight, India’s IT services industry is likely to see a total employee addition of around 4,50,000 employees in the second half of FY22. To serve this workforce pipeline, unique talent solutions are being put in place to ensure Shorter time to hire and greater cost improvement, she said.

Demand surged during September, October and November with Java Technologies still in the top five and seeing massive growth in demand for roles in Cloud Infra (131%) and Data Analytics (454%).

Meanwhile, in a citywide break-up, IT centers found dominance with Bengaluru topping the group (40 per cent), followed by Hyderabad (20 per cent), Pune (18 per cent), Chennai (10 per cent) ) and NCR (5 percent), the report added.
According to the report, growth in the digital economy, buoyed by the increasing enabling of cloud computing among tech giants, is a key contributor to the increased demand for digital skills.

It added that significant digital transformation deals, hybrid cloud adoption, front-end and back-end systems automation, and investments in technology-enabled assets have boosted business performance and workforce recruitment in the latter phase of 2021.

“As the big resignation moves towards a major exodus, the talent market will undergo a great deal of changes. With the slow opening of borders, we expect more opportunities to emerge in tier two cities. Talent may leave the country as well, as international borders open up and make way for lucrative offers. So, with Omicron playing the spoilsport game, plans to return to offices in the industry have been thwarted,” said Quess IT Chief Executive Officer Vijay Sivaram.

Moreover, he said, with the training of the fresh talent pool to enter the workforce, the employment curve has become steeper.
“Today, on-campus recruitment programs for not only first-tier colleges but also second-tier colleges are an important aspect of talent acquisition strategies. This shift in candidate profile and experience will result in a significant transition for teams.”

In terms of employee retention strategies, organizations will continue to focus on managing employee experience and developing employee programs that revolve around learning, benefits, and culture in 2022, he said.

“Now more than ever, attracting talent is a key strategy in boardrooms, as strategists look for new models of workforce fulfillment. Consequently, we are seeing high demand for contract hiring, the gig business model, recruitment and training programs and deployment. So, as the demand for recruitment continues to rise, the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model is more in demand than ever,” added Sivaram.

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