WhatsApp, the popular chat app, is reportedly working on 12 new features to improve the overall user experience. According to the WaBetaInfo report, the Meta company is working on a new Updates tab along with multiple other features that will together give a significant makeover to the chat app and its interface.

Please note that these features are currently in development which means even the beta testers haven’t received it yet. However, they are expected to be released in the future update of the app soon.

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As reported earlier, WhatsApp is said to be working on a new feature called Channels. The feature will allow users to broadcast messages to multiple people simultaneously. The channels feature will come with a variety of tools to enhance user experience, including a full-width messaging interface for conversations, a verification process with a green checkmark icon, and an indication of the number of followers. Take a look at these upcoming features:

interfaceChannel will have a full-width messaging interface.

Verification status: WhatsApp will allot a green verification check mark to channels to indicate they are verified. It is unclear how this vetting will be done.

Mute notification button: WhatsApp aims to give users control over notifications received from Channels, and to this end, it has introduced a mute notifications button within the channel header. Separately there could also be a toggle button to conveniently mute the channel.

HandlesJust like in Instagram, Handles will also be supported in channels and will be displayed in the channel info for easy reference.

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Ability to view followers count: Another significant updates to the channels feature will be the ability to view the real number of followers a channel has. This will be an estimated count and may not be precise, especially for channels with a large following.

Real followers count: To offer the actual count of a channel’s followers, there will be a channel info screen that will display the accurate number of people following the channel, providing a true representation of its followers.

Shortcuts: To make exploring the channel info screen more user-friendly, WhatsApp may introduce three new shortcuts. These shortcuts will enable users to easily unfollow, forward, and share channels with others.

Channel description: A Channel’s description will be available in the channel info screen to provide additional details and context to followers, such as the purpose of the channel.

Visibility Status: Channels can be set to public, making them discoverable and viewable to anyone.

PrivacyChannels provide a secure and private space where user information is kept confidential and safeguarded.

Reporting: Users will be able to report any issues encountered with channels they follow, and the moderation team will take necessary actions. Channels that violate the Terms of Service will be suspended, and previous messages sent to the channel will be removed as part of the enforcement measures.

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