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Written by Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman of Khanna Gems

This year, Dhanteras will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. TrayodashiTithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik is the day when this festival is celebrated annually. Diwali, a five-day celebration, begins in Dhanteras. Due to the fact that Lord Dhanvantari’s birthday falls on Trayodashi, this celebration is known as Dhanteras. On this day, both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari are worshiped.

According to religious beliefs, it is an auspicious time to buy gold, silver, jewellery, cars, homes and real estate and be blessed with financial gain and prosperity.

Dhanteras Puja Shubh Muhurat

History of Dhanteras– November 2, 2021, Tuesday
Auspicious time for Dan Triyodashi Pooja- 5.25 pm 6 pm.
Bradush Kal From 5:39 pm to 8:14 pm.
bull period – From 6:51 PM to 8:47 PM

Dhanteras Pujan Vidhi

People should wear new clothes, decorate their homes and make rangolis for their front door in the morning. This signifies welcoming of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Rice flour or jolal powder can be used with flower petals to produce beautiful rangolis by devotees. The small footprints of Goddess Lakshmi indicate her presence.

For stabana, place an image of Lord Dhanvantari, Mata Mahalakshmi and Lord Cobra on a red piece of cloth. In front of them, light dias, ghee lamps, and incense sticks. Prasad should include red flowers, fruits and sweets. Present the metal utensils in your house and jewelry to the gods in order to obtain more wealth. Finally, read the following specific statements.

Reciting these mantras will bring you good luck, fortune and prosperity during Dhanteras

Worship of Lord Dunvantari

Lord Dhanwantari, the inventor of Ayurveda, is worshiped for the health and well-being of the family.

“Om NamoBhagavateMahaSudharshanaVasudevayaDhanvantaraye; AmruthaKalasaHasthaayaSarvaBhayaVinasayaSarvaamayaNivaranayaThriLokyaPathayeThriLokyaNidhaye Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupa Swarupa DhanvantriSwarupa SriSriha CharayA”

the meaning:
We pray to God who is Sudharshana Vasudeva Dhanvantri. He holds the Kalasha filled with the nectar of immortality. Lord Dhanvantri removes all fears and ailments. He is the Desire of the Three Realms and the Keeper of them. Like Lord Vishnu, Dhanvantri is empowered to heal our souls. We bow to the Lord of Ayurveda.

Worship the Lord Cobra

“Om YakshyayaKuberayaVaishravanaayaDhanadhanyadiPadayehDhana-DhanyaSamreeddhing Me DehiDapayaSwaha”

the meaning:

Kubera, lord of the yaksha, grant us wealth and prosperity. In addition, you can also chant the KuberYantra and KuberStotra song. Worship of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped during Dhanteras during PradoshKaal. Spread a new piece of linen with a handful of grain in the middle before the ritual begins. A raised platform should be used to spread the cloth. A kalash half full of holy water of Ganga, betel nut, flower, gold or silver coin, and rice grains must be kept together. Put the mango leaves in the kalash as well.

Draw a lotus flower with haldi over the rice grains and place the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on top, as per the ritual. The idol of Lord Ganesha should also be kept, and businessmen should store their important trade books near the idol of Goddess Laxmi. Worshipers must light a lamp and offer flowers, haldi, and scarlet to Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, and Kalash.

“Um Shrem Harem Shrem Kamal Kamalalai is the mother of Shrem Harem Shrem Mahalakshmai Namha”

In addition, you can also chant the Lakshmi Stutra, Lakshmi Chalisa, and Lakshmi Yantra.

It is preferable that you get help from a learned expert to perform Dhanteras Puja at home with proper rituals.

Dhanteras very happy and safe!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a priest/religious expert before reciting these mantras.

(The author is our Chairman, Khanna Gems. The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of Financial Express Online.)

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