This was Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to Amethy since the defeat of the Lok Sabha in the 2019 elections by an Iranian smriti of the BJP.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi today led the “Pratygia Bhadiatra” against the BJP government in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Addressing the people on the occasion, Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are working to distract people from major issues like unemployment and inflation. This was Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to Amethy since the defeat of the Lok Sabha in the 2019 elections by an Iranian smriti of the BJP. He said that every street in Amithi is the same even today.

“All the streets of Amithi are still the same today – only now there is anger against the government in the eyes of the people. There is still a place in hearts even today, and we are still one today – against injustice!” said Rahul Gandhi.

He claimed that while China has encroached on Indian soil, Prime Minister Modi is keeping silent on the issue. “Sometimes Modi bathes in the Ganges, sometimes he goes to Kedarnath and sometimes he lands planes on the highway. Narendra Modi and Yogi are distracting people. Today, the Chinese army has captured 1,000 kilometers of the territory of India in Ladakh, but the prime minister is silent.

Rahul, responding to the BJP government, said that neither the chief minister nor the chief minister was answering the question of unemployment and inflation. Some of the decisions made by the Prime Minister were hit hard by the middle class and the poor, which also led to widespread unemployment… Small businesses provide jobs but the Prime Minister started attacking them. The former Congress president said: “The first attack was the cancellation of trading, the second was with the goods and services tax, and the third attack did not help during the Corona period.

Addressing the crowd, he said unemployment and inflation are the biggest questions that neither the prime minister nor the prime minister will answer. Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Modi has instituted agricultural laws saying they are in the interest of farmers. “One year later, when all the farmers stood together against the laws, the prime minister had to apologize. We questioned the compensation of the farmers who died in the protest, but he said no farmers fell in the protest,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Later in Rahul Gandhi’s address to a gathering in Jagdishpur of Amethyst, he raised the issue of Hindus and Hindutvas again.

“A ‘Hindutvavadi’ bathes alone in Ganga, while a Hindu bathes with thousands of people. On one hand there is truth and another side is a lie. On one side is love and on the other side is hate. On one hand, there is nonviolence and then on the other side violence… Narendra Modi says that he Hindu, but when did he protect the truth?” said Rahul Gandhi.

Defining Hindus, Rahul Gandhi said, “…a Hindu – a person who only follows the path of truth, a person who never succumbs to fear, a person who never turns his fear into violence, hatred and anger… The best example of this is Mahatma Gandhi.. .. Mahatma Gandhi spent all his life understanding the truth and then there is Godse- “Hindutvavadi”. Nobody calls him Mahatma because he killed a Hindu he always told the truth… Godse was a coward, a weak man… He couldn’t face his fears.”

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