Although the Modi government announced a major concession to the protesting farmers, the SAD said it would not unite with the Saffron Party.

More than a year after severing ties with the BJP and quitting the NDA government over the passage of the three controversial agriculture laws, Shirumani Akali Dal said there was no doubting the reorganization with the Saffron Party now that the legislation had been repealed. Speaking exclusively to, former MSME minister and prominent Akali Dal leader, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, said the BJP cannot heal the wounds left by withdrawing the legislation.

Shiromani Akali Dal broke his 24-year-old alliance with the BJP and quit the NDA over what he called “black laws”. However, despite the Modi government’s announcement of a major concession to the protesting farmers, the SAD said it would not unite with the Saffron Party.

“Not just once, but three to four times I begged them not to (bring the farm laws). If they had listened to us, the 700 farmers who lost their lives this year would have been alive,” Badal said.

“The farm laws have done a lot of damage. The scars are deep…they are called terrorists, they are called parijeevi (parasite), by the name Khalistani, the day they were beaten with sticks, the way the UAPA cases were placed on them. What What didn’t all these people do in the past year? You can’t wash them away because you brought back the laws. Like I said, the scars are deep, the wounds are raw, and it will take a long time to heal. There is no doubt that Shiromani Akali Dal will return to the BJP,” she added.

The former union minister also alleged that Congress and the Adami Common Party “helped the BJP” pass the three agriculture laws in Parliament by withdrawing and reducing the numbers in the lower house so that the bills could be passed easily, and accused them of political smoothing only to reap electoral gains.

Earlier this month, farmers ended their year-long protest against farm laws and other issues including MSP’s legal guarantee. After the abolition of the agricultural laws in Parliament, the center agreed to form a committee to decide the issue of agroforestry as well as drop all police cases against farmers.

The alliance between the AKP and the BJP, formed after the 1996 parliamentary elections, seemed increasingly untenable as the former was facing enormous pressure from the main voting base, the farmers, to sever ties completely with the BJP.

The party was in a vulnerable position, particularly with the ruling Congress and the opposition Aam Adami party highlighting the so-called Badal family’s reluctance to withdraw from the alliance with the BJP.

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