While the pandemic has severely impacted the airline industry, with almost all airlines experiencing heavy losses, there is a section of people who are already afraid of flying. According to research, more than 80 percent of the population is afraid of flying.

Is this illogical?

It’s called aerophobia or aerophobia, and it’s classified as an anxiety disorder that can range from feeling fearful while flying to having anxiety attacks before the next flight. However, most airline managements described the fear as irrational, as it relies on the extensive coverage of aviation accidents received by the media. According to the US-based National Transportation Safety Board, 98.6 percent of accidents result in no fatality, and commercial aircraft accidents cause death only once in 20 million flights. It also records that there was a chance of one in 3.37 billion people dying in a commercial airliner crash between 2012 and 2016.

Getting ready to fly

According to flyfright.com, a website dedicated to helping “afraid travelers overcome their fears and learn to enjoy the joys of air travel,” pilots have to earn thousands of flying hours before they can even begin flying commercial planes. They must also undergo regular training and re-certification throughout their career.

“Everyone involved in piloting an aircraft is very good at their job. Plus, backup systems provide safety during emergencies that would have been fatal only decades ago.”

How to overcome the fear of flying: It may sound strange, but according to the website, one way to overcome the fear of flying is to use hypnosis to overcome the fear of flying, but it may not work for everyone.

You can also buy a ticket for your psychiatrist, who can accompany you on the trip to give advice during the trip. If that doesn’t work, how about wearing an elastic band around your wrist? Every time there is an anxiety attack, roll the tape over your wrist. According to Dr. Prerna Kohli, Clinical Psychologist, pain will distract you and bring you back to reality. Perhaps the best solution is knowing that flying is still the safest way to travel. Therefore, for all those who suffer from aerophobia, just buy a book at one of the bookstores at the airport and read it during the flight.

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