The line of audio and video social networking apps is slowly climbing the ranks as it provides businesses and marketers with opportunities to connect with their goalsThe line of audio and video social networking apps is slowly climbing the ranks as it provides businesses and marketers with opportunities to connect with their goals

By Vikas Malpani

The flow of mobile-based content has exploded during the pandemic bringing with it a new wave of interaction on social media and platforms that will change the communication model we know today. In 2020, social networking apps saw a spike in installs – almost 9.6 billion downloads, about 45% of which were via smartphones and mobile devices. With users spending an average of 4.2 hours per day on their phones, their affinity for communication via mobile-based social media has given rise to a new digital medium – social audio and video apps.

Today, thanks to the digital age and the requirement of social distancing, building communities has now shifted to virtual platforms – the latest example being audio and video social networking applications.

Audio and video social networking apps are the new face of community building and media platforms. Similar to real-time encounters, these virtual platforms allow people with similar causes to join hands and enrich their shared passion. From professional networking to entrepreneurial meetups to conspiracy theorists, there is something for everyone here.

The line of audio and video social networking apps is slowly climbing the ranks as they provide businesses and marketers with opportunities to connect with their goals on a more personal level than ever before. In fact, more than $73 billion is invested in mobile technology, and spending on mobile advertising is at an all-time high of $240 billion. The numbers are huge and the opportunity is just too huge to be missed.

Moreover, these platforms bring in a monetization factor that allows creators from all walks of life to receive their direct dues for the content they have created, instead of relying on indirect means like collaboration with the brand, etc. This would enable creators to leverage their creative assets both within and outside the platform, to reach a much wider and diverse audience.

The Revolutionary Front will continue to help traditional means of collaboration between brands as well as for content creators and community activists.

Audio and video social networking applications for branding and marketing

Traditionally, social media has been limited to text and emoji, from Instagram to Twitter, social audio and video platforms are adding a new visual dimension that helps elevate the decree of engagement and engagement.

Social audio and video platforms allow listeners to interact with subject matter experts in real time allowing the former to delve into context and connect with the conversation on another level. It is the power of community and real-time conversations that has put this platform on the media map.

How can audio and video social platforms help elevate business marketing strategies?

Clubhouse alone has 10 million users, with an average session of 90 minutes, including Q&A rounds. This speaks volumes about the potential of audio and video social networking applications to enhance marketing strategy and elevate business.

Apart from the ticket model, companies also need to boost their organic presence through community building and influencer marketing. For the same purpose, they can appoint trained, subject matter expert speakers to lead these conversations. These spokespersons must be excellent talkers, communicators, and facilitators, familiar with the issue of their pursuit.

Social media has already decided to capitalize on this community building process, but something similar is being disseminated through social audio and video platforms as well.

How can businesses benefit from audio and video social platforms?

While it is still too early for brands to use audio and video social platforms for marketing purposes, it is not too late to identify the potential of these business models:

  1. Care: High-performing groups with a large number of followers can allow for paid models for sponsorship and banner ads to expand a brand’s reach among large followers.
  2. Premium Membership: Related to content monetization, the paid membership hierarchy will help content creators monetize their content with the help of select paid members who have invested to be a part of the discussion or community.

And much more.

We are on the cusp of a new revolution in social media marketing with audio and visual social media marketing platforms and driving it from the front will be the humble and powerful human dialogue.

The author is the co-founder and CEO of the Leher app. The opinions expressed are personal.

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