Online shoppers tend to feel anxious after purchase if they are not constantly updated about where their orders are

By Lokesh Kumar

Social commerce has given birth to a new breed of retailers who sell directly from their website and bypass traditional e-commerce platforms. These consumer-oriented (D2C) brands are blazing with success as more people are using the internet to shop than ever before! India currently has over 800 D2C brands. Delivering consistent customer engagement and quality products has helped many of these D2C brands like Sugar and MamaEarth break the revenue mark of Rs 100 crore in just four years.

Much of the success of these D2C brands comes from a customer-centric approach to business that constantly strives to bring innovation into products and listen closely to identify customer pain points. Another important improvement that has helped these companies expand rapidly is taking care of logistics so that the customer’s post-purchase experience is always good.

D2C trademarks and order fulfillment problem

Every e-commerce retailer knows, that a seamless shipping experience is critical to customer retention. Unfortunately, the problem most D2C brands have with shipping isn’t a lack of understanding but rather a resource.

Five best practices in logistics to increase sales and customer satisfaction

Choose logistics providers wisely

Choosing the right delivery logistics company is perhaps the most important part of ensuring a hassle-free shipping process. While choosing carriers, consider the locations they deliver to, how much they charge, and whether they offer special services like packaging, same/next day delivery, customer service, etc. for future losses or damages. Finally, depending on your niche, you may need extra help like ironing clothes, assembling electronic parts etc. All these things should be part of your SLA terms.

Display a near-accurate estimated date of delivery at checkout

To build customer expectations and excitement about the shopping experience, D2C brands need to display EDDs in their checkout window. Logistics software can help create EDD documents with the help of available data on carrier performance once the customer has entered the delivery pin code. Aside from building trust, electronic data cards also help customers make informed purchasing decisions that empower them. However, displaying EDD data is not enough if you do not fulfill this promise.

Make order tracking updates a priority

Online shoppers tend to feel anxious after a purchase if they are not constantly updated about where their orders are. Sending regular tracking updates to customers at every stage of an order can drive these feelings away and keep them motivated to receive their orders.

Faster returns and exchanges

Product returns in e-commerce are rampant. Although it is more evident in the fashion industry, in truth, no segment of the e-commerce sector is immune to the revenue epidemic. But there is a way that D2C brands can turn revenue into a favorable business opportunity. This is by making returns/exchanges as easy and seamless as possible.

Have a plan to manage shipping exceptions or failed deliveries

Of course, every D2C brand wishes they would never see a delivery failure in their lifetime. But such things happen. The carrier will attempt at least three deliveries before marking the order as an exception. However, mock delivery attempts by carrier agents are pretty standard. Therefore, it is important that you, as a seller, intervene when such a situation arises. It is also useful to get things under control faster if you can anticipate delays or exceptions and inform the customer about this well in advance. This is where logistics software companies can help you save your day.

The post-purchase experience is one of the most important aspects of your brand. It can make or break consumer loyalty. Remember that customer engagement is key and even small changes can lead to big improvements in sales, shipping, and overall satisfaction levels.

(Author Lokesh Kumar, Vice President of Business Development, ClickPost. Opinions expressed are subjective.)

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