At the start of the congressional campaign in Goa, where assembly elections are scheduled for early next year, party leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday emphasized that the assurances his party makes in his election manifesto are not just a commitment but a “guarantee”.

Addressing members of the fishermen community in South Goa after arriving in the state for his day-long visit, he also claimed that while the BJP indulges in hatred and divides the people, the Congress is spreading love and affection as it believes in uniting and moving people forward.

“I want to make clear what is the difference between the BJP and the Congress. The Congress believes in uniting and moving the people of India forward. For us, every Indian has the right to get the space he needs.”

He said the response of the Congress to the hate being spread by the BJP is love and affection. He added, “Wherever they spread anger, hatred and division, we spread love and affection.”

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“I am not here to waste your time or mine. Just as your time is important, so is my time. The commitment we will make to you in the statement is not just a commitment but a guarantee.”

Speaking of the assurances Congress has given, he said, “My credibility is important to me. Unlike many other leaders, when I say something here, I will make sure it happens.” In his letter to the fishermen who oppose the project, he said, “If I come here, I tell you we will not allow the coal center and I will not, next time I come here I will have no credibility.” Dual tracking of the Southwest Railroad as they claim it is an attempt to turn the country into a coal hub.

Gandhi said that the party fulfilled the commitments it made to the farmers in Chhattisgarh regarding the waiver of their loan.

He said, “You can go to Punjab and Karnataka, we have done the same (keep commitment).”

During his visit, Gandhi will address the Labor Party conference in the evening and will also meet with those who depend on the mining industry.

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