At least 37.75 lakh tonnes (lt) of sugar has been physically exported from India with Bangladesh buying 13.5 per cent of the total shipments, data from the All India Sugar Traders Association (AISTA) show.

AISTA President Praful Vithalani said in a statement that mills, as of March 9, despatched 43.90 lt for exports of which 37.75 lt have been shipped out. Another 1.27 lt is being loaded onto ships or in the process of loading, while 4.87 lt has been delivered to refineries that enjoy a deemed export status.

Export quota

The exports are out of the 60 lt permitted by the Center to be exported during the current sugar season to September. Millers and exporters exhausted the quota by signing deals at least a month ago.

AISTA data, sourced from Mumbai-based Dr Amin Controllers Pvt Ltd, showed that Bangladesh imported 5.11 lt of sugar from India followed by Somalia (3.36 lt), Djibouti (3.25 lt), Sudan (2.94 lt) and Indonesia (2.61 mt).

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