Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked BJP workers to get into “mission mode” as the ruling party enters the year before general elections and declared that “India’s best age is coming”.

In a speech described as “inspirational and futuristic” by the Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Modi told the BJP’s national executive, “India’s best years are coming. I am seeing it. We need to dedicate ourselves to India and be a witness to this golden age.”

The PM was quoted by Fadnavis as saying that BJP is no longer just a political party but a social movement for the transformation of India.

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Amrut Kaal should be converted to Kartavya Kaal. BJP is not just a political party but it has transformed into a social movement that works towards social and economic progress of the country,” said Fadnavis, adding that PM spoke as a “statesman.”

Good governance

The PM significantly stressed that the generation between 18-25 years has not witnessed the “mis-governance” of the non-BJP regimes. It is the task of the BJP workers, he said, to educate them.

“Youth between 18-25 years have not witnessed the mis-governance of previous governments, how India has now moved from mis-governance to good governance. Awareness about it must be created. BJP workers should do it,” said the PM, as quoted by Fadnavis.

Prescribing several political programs for the party workers in the coming months before the general elections, the PM told BJP delegates that BJP Morchas should connect with border villages and work towards their mainstream. “Development works should reach border villages and get implemented effectively. BJP workers should connect and develop programs to effectively implement policies,” he said.

“We addressed gender disparity through ‘Beti Pachao, Beti Padhao’ and now we should address the question of pollution, climate change and contamination of soil. We need to hear Mother Earth and encourage natural farming, organic farming. BJP workers should encourage farmers to take up natural farming in mission mode,” the PM said.

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