Multiplex chain INOX Leisure on Thursday announced the launch of ‘AmpliX’, the next generation of audio format. It has rolled out AmpliX, its Premium Sound Format (PSF) technology, in one of its screens of its flagship cinema at Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai.

INOX further plans to install AmpliX technology at its upcoming cinemas in Indore and New Delhi. Patrons can enjoy the experience by selecting the AmpliX seats while following the usual ticket booking procedure,” she said in a statement.

60-degree spherical audio experience

The multiplex chain said it’s an innovative seat-integrated sound technology, which offers a 360-degree spherical audio experience on cinema seats. The technology also syncs the on-screen audio using an algorithm and produces an enhanced sound.

Alok Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, INOX Leisure said “Constant innovations have helped us to remain ahead of the technology curve, and allowed us to offer unique and exceptionally superior experiences to our patrons. As we roll out this state-of-the-art audio innovation for the first time in India, we are ensuring an unmatchable cinema sound experience, which creates a 360-degree audio field with sound emanating from the seats, which also enables the skin to be a part of the audio reception process.”

“As we ushered yet another ground-breaking tech-intervention, we have proudly paved the way for more such tech-enabled experiences in the future, which would continue to advance and upscale the cinema viewing experience. We plan to offer the AmpliX experience in our upcoming cinemas in India,” he added.

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