Union minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari recently examined the ongoing development status of the Kaziranga elevated road project, a PTI report said.

The project includes construction of an elevated road of 34 kilometers at sites where animal crossing usually occurs. The sites are located by the Wildlife Institute of India. The details regarding the project were shared by the minister on Twitter.

The minister said that the project will also widen the at-grade to a four lane highway, which will be in total of around 50 kilometers in length. Tunnels will also be built which are slated to expand at a stretch of 3 kilometers.

Gadkari has also advised to set up viewing platforms on the elevated road, which can also have proper facilities of kiosks and parking slots for vehicles. As a result, it will boost wildlife watching tourism too, according to a PTI report.

A clear mandate has also been given to consider the construction of the tunnels as a different project and the waste matter collected from the same can be used in the construction of roads.

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