Packaging solutions provider KHS India has introduced plasmax coating technology for beverage packaging in PET bottles. The German KHS Global group holds 60 per cent stake in KHS India, which has announced the expansion of its facility on the outskirts of Ahmedabad at a cost of ₹50 crore.

It will help us increase our project execution capabilities by 40 per cent. Currently, we can execute about 30-35 packaging projects annually. This will help us meet the future requirements of the beverage industry,” said Yatindra Sharma, Managing Director, KHS India.

In order to provide an additional layer of protection from evaporation and climatic impact on beverage products, KHS India says, its Plasmax coating combines the protective properties of a glass bottle with the lightweight benefits of a PET container.

The inside of the coated bottles are covered with an ultra-thin protective layer of glass. Sharma added that products such as fruit juice, wine, beer, soft drinks, ketchup, sauces and other liquid foods will get an additional layer of protection to retain their quality, taste and nutrients.

KHS India exports 20-25 per cent of its overall orderbook. “We are witnessing a steep increase in demand for beverage packaging solutions from the fourth quarter of 2021. We are fully booked for 2023,” Sharma said, adding that the volume growth in project execution is 100 per cent.

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