Larah, the opalware brand by Borosil, has undergone a change in brand identity and positioning. The brand aims to target modern Indian women who are multitasking and strive to excel in every aspect of their lives.

With the theme “My Home, My Way,” Larah emphasizes women’s choices, efforts to showcase their personalities and commitment to making healthy, sustainable choices for their homes and loved ones. The brand’s new experience includes a new logo featuring a deep aubergine hue, which represents self-assurance and confidence.

Speaking on the launch of the new identity and campaign, Barnali Shankar, senior general manager- marketing, Borosil Ltd., said, “We aim to recognize modern Indian women, their values, and their commitment to their homes and loved ones. Our brand values ​​are rooted in confidence, aspiration, and sustainable choices.”

In addition, the brand has reworked its packaging design to be identifiable while on store displays. Customers can easily navigate and get what they want, as the packaging is standardized across ranges but differentiated to cater to different styles. Larah’s new brand positioning is all about enjoying moments with its products.

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