Lobb, a digital freight brokerage platform, plans to launch its mobile application in six new regional languages ​​in a bid to improve user convenience and attract more users.

The startup enables transporters and truckers to connect, discover and transact freight in a frictionless manner by leveraging technology and building ground-up solutions, that are relevant at a global scale.

Hemanth G, Chief Technology Officer at Lobb said, “The sole purpose of customizing the app in multiple regional languages ​​was that we found users were changing the language preferences to their convenience. The regional language is always the first choice. We will be introducing the app in Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, and Malayalam as we move on and we will look at other Indian languages.” Currently, the app is available in five languages ​​including Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, English, and Hindi.

The company aims to empower struggling small truck owners to find the right loads on time through a proprietary Truck Discovery Model, by creating a network of fleets, routes, and nodes aligned to supply demand and moving to a machine-based matching engine, Hemanth said. .

He further explained that trucks in India run only 13-15 days in a month in contrast to an optimal 23-25 ​​days. This is largely due to opaque demand and supply availability as demand and supply traditionally are done through calls in an inefficient manner. Lobb through its digital freight brokerage app is able to help logistics companies hire trucks on demand.

Lobb had raised $1.1 million in Pre-Series A funding round led by Byju Pillai, Group Managing Director, Inflow Technologies, and angel investor Gopal Kaul in March 2022. Currently, the startup has over 25,000 trucks registered on its platform and has over 1,000 logistics partners, and over 5,000 fleet owners on the platform.

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