What is Digital Address Code - DACEach address will be assigned a digital address code.

Digital Address Code (DAC): Soon, you may not need to provide your address to book delivery online or to pay property tax. All you need is a unique Aadhaar-like code for your address. This will be made possible by a digital address code (DAC) for each address in the country.

Postal Administration, Government of India, is in the process of establishing a DAC. The department recently released a draft approach paper on its official website for comments and suggestions from all stakeholders.

Currently, Aadhaar is commonly used as a proof of address. But the address mentioned in the Aadhaar card cannot be digitally authenticated. According to the draft policy paper, the DAC will help document the address digitally.

“What is required is a unique address identity that is linked to geospatial coordinates and can be used by all stakeholders. A digital address code (DAC) has been proposed as a solution. It would be an input that could be entered or captured from a Qr code by service provider applications and could be recognized by digital maps.

According to the approach paper, a DAC is expected to uniquely identify each address in a country and associate the address with geospatial coordinates represented numerically or alphabetically.

“An address that includes references to physical properties such as roads etc. is easy to become obsolete and therefore will not meet the permanence criterion. The numerical address code would be a unique alphanumeric or alphanumeric representation of geospatial coordinates,” the document said.

Speaking of DAC attributes, the approach paper said, “The DAC will be linked to the geospatial coordinates representing the address. The coordinates at the entrance or gateway to the address will represent the address for that purpose.”

However, in the case of sensitive organizations, a DAC may not be issued or it may be associated with “neighborhood” or city coordinates.

The DAC will be unique to each address, i.e. each individual housing unit, office or company. For example, each apartment in an apartment will have a separate DAC. This code will always be for each address.

The proposed DAC will be beneficial to the logistics and e-commerce sector and will also help target social sector benefits to the appropriate beneficiary. According to the proposal, every housing unit in the country will receive a DAC. For this purpose, it was proposed to use satellite images with a resolution of 5 m.

There will be a process to check the DACs. All verified DACs will be eligible for the online address authentication service.

DAC . Benefits

The draft proposal has listed some of the following benefits for the DAC:

– The proposed DAC will be linked to the geospatial coordinates. It will help provide address authentication as an online service.

– DAC will help simplify the KYC verification process in business sectors like Banking, Insurance, Telecom etc. “This would lower the cost of doing business. The online DAC authentication combined with Aadhaar authentication would be a true digital eKYC,” the draft proposal said.

– DAC may increase productivity and quality of service in delivery services, especially e-commerce. It will also help reduce e-commerce fraud.

The DAC is expected to simplify the delivery and implementation of government plans.

Adoption of the DAC would increase financial and administrative efficiency across sectors such as property taxation, emergency response, disaster management, election management, infrastructure planning and management, census operations, and grievance redress, the draft proposal said.

The DAC is expected to fulfill the requirements put forward for the One Country Address (ONOA) by the Ministerial Working Group on Employment Generation and Skills Development on October 22, 2020.

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