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Non-Productivity Bonus (Dedicated Bonus) for Central Government Employees: The Central Government has agreed to grant a non-productivity-related bonus (earmarked bonus) equivalent to 30 days bonuses for the year 2020-2021 to central government employees in Group C and all employees not included in the Official Gazette in Group B, who are not covered by any productivity-related bonus program .

According to the Ministry of Finance, the account cap for payment of the assigned bonus will be monthly bonuses of Rs 7,000 as amended wef 01-02-2015.

“Payment of the award allocated under these orders will also be acceptable to qualified personnel of the Central Military Forces and the Armed Forces. The Department of Finance’s Department of Expenditures (DoE) said in an office note today (October 18).

According to the Department of Energy, the benefit will be accepted under the following conditions:

1. Only employees who were on duty on March 31, 2021 and have provided at least six months of continuous service during 2020-21 will be eligible to pay the award.

Proportional payment will be accepted to eligible employees for a continuous period of service during the year from six months to a full year, and the accrual period is taken in terms of the number of months of service (rounded to the nearest number of months).

2. The amount of bonus allocated will be determined on the basis of the average bonus / account ceiling, whichever is lower.

To calculate Non-PLB (Allocated Bonus) for a day, the average bonus per year will be divided by 30.4 (the average number of days in a month).
This will then be multiplied by the number of bonus days awarded.

For example, take the cap for calculating monthly bonuses in rupees. 7,000 (where actual average wages exceed Rs 7,000), the reward for thirty days will be Rs 7,000 x 30/30.4 = Rs 6,907.89 (rounded to Rs 6,908.

3 – Casual workers who have worked in offices beyond 6 days a week for at least 240 days per year for 3 years or more (206 days per year for 3 years or more in the case of offices working 5 days a week), will be eligible For such payments other than PLB.

The allocated bonus amount payable will be Rs (1,200 x 30/30.4 = Rs 1184.21 (rounded to Rs 1184).

In cases where the actual rewards are less than Rs 1,200 per month, the amount will be calculated on the actual monthly rewards.

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