Oilseeds took the lead in early spring sowing until the first two weeks of October, while pulses and rice lagged behind last year’s levels.

According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the spring crop was planted on 4.31 thousand hectares until October 14, a slight increase from 4.21 thousand hectares in the same period last year.

The oilseed area has been reported at 2.81 lakh ha, mainly in UP. The main oil mustard seeds were planted in 2.81 thousand hectares compared to 1.71 thousand hectares in the same period last year.

autumn harvest

The harvest of major autumn crops such as rice and pulses, among others, has been delayed by the extended monsoons in several states.

Autumn crops are currently harvested in different states. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture, rice was harvested in only about 5 percent of the 411.46 lakh hectares, while total pulses were harvested in about 49 percent of the cultivated area.

Coarse grains were harvested in about 36 percent of the cultivated area, while oilseeds were harvested in about 19 percent of the cultivated area.

The government has set a production target of 110 million tons for wheat, 10.66 million tons per gram, and 10.2 million tons for mustard in the spring planting season.

Cultivation of wheat has not yet begun, while coarse grains such as guar and maize were planted in 0.38 thousand hectares compared to 0.22 thousand hectares in the same period last year. Jowar was cultivated at 0.32 lakh hectares compared to 0.17 lakh hectares. Areas of coarse grains have been reported mainly from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Ob.

The area of ​​rice is slightly lower at 0.87 lakh hectares compared to 0.99 lakh hectares in the same period last year. A small area of ​​0.87 thousand hectares was covered mainly in Tamil Nadu.

Sowing of pulses has been slower this year. Gram, the main seasonal pulse during spring, was planted at 0.06 lakh ha from 0.84 lakh ha. Overall, the area for pulses was at 0.25 thousand hectares as of October 14, compared to 1.18 lakh hectares. Pulse cultivation is reported mainly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

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