Snapchat, has announced a significant achievement in India, surpassing 200 million monthly active userbase. The company says that it continues to invest in India through a localized platform experience, local content initiatives and partnerships, and a dedicated focus on regional creators via Spotlight and Stories.

Snapchat has localized its platform experience, emphasizing regional content initiatives, partnerships, and support for regional creators through features like Spotlight and Stories. Currently, more than 120 million Indian Snapchatters actively consume content on the app’s Stories and Spotlight tabs, indicating a strong user engagement.

Spotlight, Snapchat’s user-generated entertainment platform, has experienced substantial growth in India, with the time spent on the feature more than tripling.

Ajit Mohan, President of APAC at Snapchat, expressed his enthusiasm on the same and highlighted the potential for partners, creators, and brands to build communities and businesses on Snapchat.

“I am thrilled to have joined Snap at a time where the momentum among our Indian community has never been stronger. We see incredible potential for partners, creators, and brands to build communities and businesses on Snapchat, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future. Young India has particularly valued the healthy and private environment that has been at the heart of our experiences and this will continue to be our focus going forward,” he said at the announcement.

In line with its growth in India, Snapchat is expanding its team and operations by hiring across various roles. This move aims to better serve the Indian userbase and enhance the overall Snapchat experience in the country.

Snapchat is a visual messaging app centered around the camera that empowers people to express themselves and enhance relationships with friends and family. Snap’s commitment to democratizing the use and creation of Augmented Reality (AR) has resonated with Indian Snapchatters, who often use Snapchat AR to celebrate cultural moments. In India, Snapchatters play with Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses over 50 billion times every month, and over 85% of Snapchatters use Lenses to visually express themselves during festive months in India.

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