With great power comes great responsibility. And with greater responsibility, the staff and crew Spider-Man: Far From Home Presenting a network of feelings like never before in Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” concludes with a story told over the past two decades, guaranteed not only to loyal Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans but also regular viewers. It also happens to be a huge superhero squad that has been portrayed on an epic scale as big as the icon Avengers: Endgame (2019).

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The life of Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is in shambles a week after his identity was leaked in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). His closest relatives – Aunt May (Marissa Tomei), girlfriend Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson (Zandia) and close friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) face the heat as well, from paparazzi, authorities and a divided New Yorker (Spider-Man) against the team Mysterio!).

Surprised by the increasing instability in his life, Peter turns to Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help, hoping to cast a spell that will make “everyone forget” who he was. But Strange’s magic backfires in bringing in villains from the multiverse – Sam Raimi’s Spider Man (2002-2007) and Mark Webb The Amazing Spider-Man (2012-2014).

When the multiverse resets, it’s a contrasting explosion of visual effect delight, and it’s so great at its delivery that it leaves your jaw on the ground for its meticulous attention to detail. The sequence keeps zooming every second from one visual arm to the next so that it literally feels like a serpentine ride, especially as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange battle!

The movie quickly introduces every villain from the multiverse and its “all-out” entry is bound to make you whistle. Director John Watts gently gives fan service every few minutes of cute Easter eggs for future MCU films and graphic references to the amazing cameos.

strength point

One of the great strengths of “No Way Home” along with its stunning background score is its all-star performance. Peter Parker’s chemistry with MJ and Ned is filled with warmth and humor. Ned shines all at once with his sly response while MJ is often candid and honest in her tone of delivery, especially while dealing with Doctor Strange or super villains.

William Dafoe as Green Goblin/Norman Osborne stands out in his performance. Like a kill switch, his tone and sinister smile flip the Goblin to the lost and shaggy Osborne. His iconic laugh will elicit a sense of coolness for fans of Spider-Man Remy.

Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius ​​/ Dr. Octopus still has the charm of captivating audiences by doing just as much as his “mechanical claws”, which are distinguished by their distinct visuals. Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon / Electro is a cool, calculating “power” prey in this new world. Dialogues between super villains are often brimming with wit and you can’t help but chuckle in awe and delight. Tommy as Aunt Mae and her chemistry with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) is equally hilarious.

The film explores second chances with deft intelligence. It’s exceptionally emotional when many of the fight scenes in Chapter 3 give a hint of the characters’ past actions and consequences. If Peter Parker encounters a mad titan, Thanos, as one of his greatest enemies to date, it is his inhibitions – his weakness – that really drive him to become the man in this movie.

As Chapter Three approaches, the story piles up with many surprises, and it’s fascinating how screenwriters Chris McKenna and Eric Summers make sure no stone is left without a heart. It is nostalgic and exhilarating.

By the time you reach the peak, be sure to leave a lump on your throat. Needless to say, stay put until the end of the credits if you are a true MCU fan.


When I came out of the cinema, my mind kept coming alive with more stories to be shown in future MCU films. I kept thinking about Stan Lee’s interview with famous TV presenter Larry King, where he talked about his Spider-Man costume. (This movie, in fact, has a subtle reference to Miles Morales’ character!)

“Do you know one of the greatest things about Spider-Man’s clothing? His costume? It’s all covered. So, any kid can imagine it’s Spider-Man because it doesn’t show the color of the skin. It could be black underneath, it could be red, it could be yellow, He can belong to any race and it wasn’t done on purpose but it was done accidentally.I think it was the best thing we did.

If Stan and Steve Ditko were here today, they’d be happy.

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