The report highlighted how the increased focus on digitization has accelerated contactless healthcare and faster decision-making.

The country’s healthcare landscape has undergone a widespread transformation in post-Covid times with the rollout of digital technologies, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report on healthcare trends in a post-pandemic world, and the report has highlighted how the increased focus on digitalization has helped accelerate the contactless process. . Health care and faster decision making. Accordingly, technological innovations have helped patients and consumers better understand diseases and thus demand high quality services.

The report noted that there has been a clear shift from traditional healthcare centers to virtual primary care during the pandemic, adding that there has also been a transition from medication to comprehensive contiguous aspects that can be addressed, thus disrupting traditional pharmaceutical practices.

According to the report, digital technology is acting as a lever to unleash agility and help players move up the value chain across the sustainable luxury spectrum, faster than ever before. In the past, the telemedicine model has become an integrated model of virtual care.

Commenting on the study, Rana Mehta, Partner and Lead in Healthcare, PwC India said, “Voice-based AI will bring about the next major transformation in healthcare. Such technological advancement would enhance the initial value of healthcare framework and usher in the era Ocean for VUI. Consumer demand, innovation in technology, and enablers are driving alternative models of care and changing the healthcare landscape.”

According to the report, contactless care is gaining momentum and the focus is on reducing and improving the number of points of contact between the health system and the health seeker, without losing the quality of care.

This new need to improve steps has led to profound simplicity – a concept closely related to the system’s ability to simplify steps without compromising quality. This includes decision support to enable virtual therapy, individual engagement with multiple touch points, telemedicine for telemedicine and a graphical user interface (GUI) for the Voice User Interface (VUI). The report said the ecosystem has enabled access to high-quality healthcare through digital health, an open network, and open protocols.

According to the report, consumer preferences are driving the evolution of healthcare delivery models, creating value for all players in the ecosystem, whether it’s through capturing data to using advanced insights and analytics engines. The impact of the pandemic has prompted healthcare organizations to rethink, reprioritize, and re-engineer business models.

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