The Indian Institute of Farm Management, Bengaluru (IIPMB) recently organized an international conference on the challenges, opportunities and innovations in agriculture, farms and allies (APA) caused by the pandemic.

The conference was organized in partnership with Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, UK, Mara University of Technology, Malaysia, and College of Management Sciences, Suratani Rajab University, Thailand, the institute said in a statement.

In his opening speech, Professor F. NS. Danakumar, Director of the IIPMB, emphasized the need to develop a research culture to address the issues posed by the pandemic. Dhanakumar also encouraged delegates to strive for publication in peer-reviewed journals indexed internationally for the ABDC, ABS and FT 50 series.

David Bosward, Professor and Dean, School of Entrepreneurship, Royal Agricultural University, presented a paper focusing on a “Strategic Model for Recognizing Opportunity and Entrepreneurship in Rural and Agricultural Areas”. David also discussed different models and applications of entrepreneurship and their impact on rural development.

Muhammad Rushdi Zaini, Dean of Mara University of Technology, gave a presentation on “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities in the Farming Industry”, in which he discussed broader challenges and opportunities in general and the Malaysian palm sector in particular.

The event also provided an opportunity to exchange research papers from faculty and registered researchers from around the world. The conference featured 18 shortlisted presentations around the world focusing on various aspects of multicultural issues in the agriculture and plantation sector. The presenters expressed their appreciation for the Institute’s efforts in organizing research conferences as well as for their valuable contributions to the improvement of their work.

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