US IPO, this week, calendar, screen, list 2021, robinhood ipo, listing date,GitLab (GTLB) debuted last week and saw the share price jump 35 percent on the first day of trading.

Whether it is Zomato IPO or Paras Defense and Space Technologies recently listed on Indian stock exchanges, stocks offered to the public through initial public offerings (IPO) are seeing a lot of investor interest even after they are available in the secondary market. For diversified investors in the US stock market, investor interest is multiple as there is global money chasing a limited set of stocks offered during the IPO. Once listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE, even investors from India can own it by investing through international trading platforms.

During the first three quarters of 2021, the Nasdaq saw more than 560 listings through traditional IPOs, Special Purpose Acquisitions (SPACs) and direct listings, raising $136 billion.

In the third quarter alone, Nasdaq welcomed 147 listings, raising more than $29 billion.

Last week, GitLab (GTLB) came out and saw the stock price jump 35 percent on the first day of trading. The GTLB share price is currently around $114 and the company has a market capitalization of over $16 billion. GitLab is the DevOps platform that enables organizations to maximize total return on software development. The company has 30 million discretionary registered users and more than 1 million active license users,

Some of the most notable listings on US stock exchanges from the third quarter include:

Retail brokerage Robinhood (HOOD)

  • Fintech company Remitly (RELY)
  • Sophos Brands Food Company (Sovo)
  • Sport Radar Company (SRAD) for sports betting and entertainment solutions
  • SaaS Freshworks (FRSH) Solution Provider
  • Data and analytics provider Amplitude (AMPL), which has been rolled out to the public with a live listing.

Several technology, biotechnology and retail companies are preparing to enter the markets in the coming months. Below is a list of companies that may hit stock exchanges soon.

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