Outgrow, an arm of WayCool Foods, has launched Suya Samridhi, a cluster development program in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district to encourage regenerative agriculture and create a holistic ecosystem for the farming community.

The initiative was launched as part of Kisan Diwas, which aims to engage with hundreds of farmers spread across specific clusters in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Outgrow plans to expand to other states.

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‘Suya Samridhi’ will educate farmers and help them utilize existing resources to become self-sustainable. In addition, the program will address the adverse effects of climate change on conventional farming practices, soil health, water availability, pest-disease risk, productivity, and overall income of the farmers.

It will aid farmers practicing chemical-based conventional farming to seamlessly transition to natural and regenerative farming.

Improving agricultural resilience

The program will focus on reducing the cost of cultivation and creating a sustainable livelihood for the farmers, besides improving agriculture’s resilience to climate change impact. It will help them achieve regional food security in the long term.

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Sendhil Kumar, Head of Outgrow and Farmer Engagement, WayCool said, “Suya Samridhi will aid in establishing year-round sustainable income and margins for farmers, besides enabling the continuous supply of high-quality residue-free produce to the end consumers.”

Srinidhi. S. Rao, Head, Sustainability ESG, WayCool, said, “Through Suya Samridhi, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst ensuring that the cost of cultivation is minimal.”

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