In India, nothing is greater than marriages and festivals, and we love to celebrate both with fanfare! But in recent years, thanks to coordinated and unfortunately very successful attempts to divide us along religious lines, holiday seasons mean trouble in one form or another. You always wonder what’s new jhumla Eid or Diwali will come this time.

This Diwali, too, has been hit by the advocates of hate. Last October, jewelry brand Tanishq gave in and pulled its sweet interfaith couple ad as its Muslim mother-in-law throws a surprise shower party for her Hindu daughter-in-law. But soon #boycottTanishq started going viral on Twitter, promoting love jihad! Ad has been withdrawn.

But surrender brought more offensive. The following month, another call to boycott was made, this time for a Tanishk ad featuring four independent women speaking about the noise-free celebration of Diwali. Incredibly, they also objected to the absence Bindi And Sindoor…!

This time, Fabindia is in trouble. He has dared to use Urdu mantra, Jashin RiwazIt features four women wearing beautiful sari and kurtas. The BJP Yuva Morcha Chairman Tejaswi Surya was the first to err, tweeting: “Depavali is not Jashin i Rewas. This deliberate attempt to highlight Hindu festivals, depicting models without traditional Hindu clothing, should be called upon. And brands like FabindiaNews should bear economic costs. for such deliberate adventures.”

#BoycottFabIndia is starting to trend, with bots, fanatics and self-proclaimed people Raksha Al-Din Come on silly charges.

Regarding Surya’s ridiculous claim about “deliberate attempt to highlight Hindu festivals”, Sudhindra Kulkarni, a close aide to former Prime Minister AB Vajpyaee, gave an apt response in a signed article where he said that “the folly, bigotry and arrogance of the new dynasty of the BJP” the leaders seemed to have no limits… and their attempt to impose strict cultural standardization on Hindu society is detrimental to the spirit of Hinduism… and India.”

Wasn’t Syria’s tweet “in Abrahamic?” And what of the millions of Indian men, he wondered, who defy “traditional Indian attire” by wearing trousers and shirts.

Well, like Tanishq, Fabindia has also pulled advertising quickly, and branding gurus, creative heads, and copywriters are really scratching their heads about the number of red flags quickly piling up on their desks. When they finally take care of them to keep online bullies at bay, one wonders what creative scope will be left for major advertising campaigns.

Ariana’s woes

As we prepare for the festive seasons in the near future with politically correct, dull, and lackluster announcements that don’t offend anyone, let’s take a look at another no-nonsense event that was quickly manipulated into a huge event by a large section of our media – the arrest of superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, and his continued detention for what would normally be considered a crime should be released. All we know so far is that no drugs have been seized from him, and it is not even clear if he took drugs. We were told that his Whatsapp chat had evidence of him being a drug consumer, seller or distributor…. And anything else your imagination can spark.

Soaring petrol prices, the punishment of four farmers by a speeding car for the son of a minister, who was finally imprisoned on this charge after much foreplay, the farmers’ constant protests, all pushed back like the rest of us. TV channels are screaming about Aryan Khan’s ‘crime’.

If Aryan commits a crime, let it be investigated, but do not use it to reform his star father, for whatever reason, and Grapevine remembers many of them. Once again the online bullies have called for a boycott of SRK’s Biju.

Surprisingly and encouraging, it is the kind of love and support that SRK got from Indians…not from Muslims but all Indians. outside his house ManatFans are showing great solidarity, proving that despite attempts to polarize it on religious grounds, Bollywood still displays secular values ​​and more love than hate. Perhaps one of the reasons why the NCB went after him, as evidenced by the witch hunt that began with the suicide of Susanth Singh Rajput.

There are other reasons, of course, like Lucknow’s desperate attempt to lure Mumbai movies, the huge money they could bring in, the politics behind it…but that’s another story.

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