Christmas, mistletoe, and wine! The Christmas period is all about absorbing festive feelings for as long as possible and making memories with family and friends, even if said memories include a team effort to make Uncle Peter feel better about the fact that you had to staple two paper hats together to fit his head.

From eating the same dinner and playing the same games, to watching the Queen’s speech and forcing everyone out for a picnic after a barbecue, the warm intimacy of the December 25 routine is what makes Christmas Day feel like Christmas.

Maybe you haven’t found something yet *for your family* or maybe 2020 has thrown a rule-of-six wrench into the works and it’s time to whip up new seasonal fun, from signed, sealed, and presented self-care rituals to festive tips with the team, we hope you bring some of these insights on The least your spirits are bright. And if you happen to come from a long line of Grinches, let it be this year that their hearts triple and even quadruple in size thanks to these healthy Yuletide traditions.

Whether you’re looking for overall festive ideas or something that has a delicate and fragile link to Christmas but with a strong association with fun, here are 10 holiday traditions you can adopt as your own. You will be pleased to read, the eggnog did not cut – it was tucked away to the cupboard down the stairs where it belongs.

1. Get new Christmas decorations to make you laugh and cry in the coming years

Nothing says tradition like a souvenir ornament you can pluck out of your attic every year as an annual reminder that you once had a real thing for *drumroll please* overly shiny lobsters.

From stylish Harrods to space rockets, avocados, hot dogs, and the traditional Nutcracker (or The Nutcrackers as they are now known to Team Zoella thanks to their rather pretty keyboard) there’s an embellishment for every aesthetic from minimal to uplifting and picking one each year brings ridiculous amounts of joy. .

If you skipped the decorations entirely last year and want to make sure you never forget the year banana bread became our only food group and even Santa was working from home, we can’t think of a better way to keep 2020 memes alive than with these guys:

2. Nourish your soul with good seasonal reading

Part of the beauty of Christmas is that we can do whatever we want with our pudding. Waking up at 11? Sure, it’s Christmas. Indulging in a digital detox, well, they wouldn’t have wifi in the stable now (in TikTok a bit). Slip into a peaceful cocoon of pure, non-threatening fantasy instead of browsing Instagram until you get a throbbing migraine — we love to see it.

Choosing your book of the season will truly light up your soul with admiration with wide eyes (ten times that if it is a distinguished man tied to a rag) and will bequeath you many reasons to stay home in the loving arms of your heavy blanket. .

Unlike a night out where you were forced to shoot seven bokas despite looking like you were I grew up Count the hours so that your feet can live in peace flat, heavenly again, season readings Always Ending with merry terms. If you’re looking for a recommendation, let us deliver Mandy Baggot’s One New York Christmas.

3. Split the matching pjs for the family photo

This is the bona fide brand of Christmas, right? Presenting your dad with a pair of striped candy cane pajamas—or better yet, it’s obviously *not* one-size-fits-all—and arranging him in front of the tree + a self-timer while wondering what Dickens’s going on is his wicked pastime. Best of all: He thinks all the fuss is for Tweeter (sic). Everyone’s a winner, and most of all, your flannel pajama drawer designed just for the holidays.

4. Arrange a festive brunch for the girls

While we don’t have a cure for the fresh hell aka: trying to arrange a date that suits every woman I’ve loved in December, the girls’ festive brunch is the only social event that doesn’t require shuffle, that is, because it’s a daytime thing. And socializing during the day is the preferred mode of people. Submit pdf listings, get pre-orders and most importantly discuss if it’s your party time to shine. Spoiler alert – it is. Feathers and sprinkles at the ready, here are the girls.

5. Go Christmas Carols

Like karaoke but with etiquette and volume control, immersing yourself in songs with a crowd of strangers does weird and wonderful things to the heart, even if you’re far from the key for Hark’s entirety! Angels Herald sings. What matters is sharing (and mulled wine), even if it’s among the neighbors you do your best to avoid 11 months out of the year.

7. Cook something together

It simply wouldn’t be a season of eating, drinking, and fun without a recipe cobbled together between blood relatives and friends of the Buzz. Whether you decide to have homemade mince pies, a Christmas log, Christmas Eve scones, or a fermented clementine, nothing says Christmas like a pathetic dispute over who’s rolling in.

8. Write a letter to your future self

The spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Some of the most meaningful gestures come straight from the heart, with a simple handwritten message “To you, from you” as one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. As we prepare to sing all three words of auld lang syne for another year, now is the time to take stock, practice gratitude, and reflect on the last 12 months, and what better way to savor every peak and hole than putting pen to paper and truly directed at you. It would be nostalgic to look back at this pivotal moment in your life and see what you were thinking.

Perhaps you’d rather look forward to next year, explore what’s next for you, express your aspirations for where you want to be or what you want to achieve by next Christmas, and set the course for 2022 with some positive affirmations. Put it in an envelope, seal it with some gold wax—because no one deserves fancy stationery and elegant correspondence like you—and open it up on Christmas Eve next year to see what great great dreams come true. Appearance mode – enabled.

9. Watch your favorite Christmas movie

If you’ve come of age (symptoms include waking up in the middle of the night worrying about where your birth certificate is) and you don’t yet know your all-time favorite Christmas movie, what are you playing? ? Check out our definitive rating of festive goat flicks right away and let the movie marathon begin. Psst! If you want an always-on classic, go for It’s a Wonderful Life, and if you want a sparkling, glamorous Jude Law, go for The Holiday. Better yet, gather around the warm glow of your devices and see one on the night from now until the big day.

10. Start the puzzle / Make a wreath

Take it from us: Avoid anything resembling a Dickensian house of 1,000 pieces because it will ruin Christmas, unless of course you consider yourself someone who is capable of not sticking a piece to your butt cheek and ruining the entire ending. It was a baby scarf if you must know.

Overall, a puzzle is a first-class mindfulness activity, ideal for clearing before social butterfly season. Hit the Christmas movie in the background and time will pass. Unless you’re sitting on the missing piece in which case you’re going to die and wish you could start a wreath instead.

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