POV: It’s iced coffee season but you don’t like coffee, and you don’t do fomo either.

Girls everywhere are bundling into their cars with 16 bags and 7 chilled bevs, slurping their agave syrup and coconut milk blends on their way to work and taunting you with their ice cube ASMR.

Enter: the no-coffee iced beverages to keep you cool this summer.

We’ve done the rounds, surveying the best OG iced drinks and new additions this summer has to offer so you never have to miss out again. From a Colin the Caterpillar frappe to a Strawberry Acai Refresha, here are the refreshments every non-coffee drinker needs on their radar.

Tropical Mango Bubble Frappe

Big news for 2022, Costa’s joined the bubble tea movement with this scrumptious frappe, featuring flavors of delicate coconut and mango and bursting with fruit-filled juicy pearls. Vacay mode: activated.

Price: £4.75
Where to get it: Costa

Mango & Coconut Quencher

Like summer in a cup, this refreshing blend of creamy coconut paired with zingy mango makes for the ultimate thirst quencher. Cheers to balmy summers and chaotic attempts at stand up paddle boarding!

Price: £4.00
Where to get it: Caffe Nero

Colin the Caterpillar Frappe

Set to be the most ‘grammed’ drink of 2022, the Colin the Caterpillar Frappe is a blended chocolate drink, complete with chocolate whipped cream, a chocolate sauce drizzle, Colin sprinkles and – the pièce de résistance – a chocolate Colin face. The M&S icon has enjoyed many culinary metamorphoses over the years but this drinkable creation has to be our new favourite. If you’re a fiend for chocolate milkshakes, don’t sleep on the Colin frappe. Petition for Percy to be next?

Price £3.50
Where to get it: now available at M&S ​​cafes across the country.

Italian Peach & Strawberry Booster

Prepare to be transported to the turquoise waters of the Italian Riviera with this refreshing blend of strawberry and Italian peach. Blended with ice and packed with fruity flavour, it’s like drinking la dolce vita.

Price: £4.00
Where to get it: Caffe Nero

Strawberry Acai Refresha

The UK’s take on America’s Strawberry Acai Refresha, this is a blend of sweet strawberry flavors accented with acai notes and shaken with real strawberries. For a sweeter taste, ask for lemonade instead of water. Pure summer vibes.

Price: £5.35
Where to get it: Starbucks

Cool Lime Refresha

Strawberry not your thing? Order this lively blend of cool lime and citrus, shaken with real lime slices for a delicious pick-me-up delivering zesty hydration. Serotonin is served.

Price: £5.35
Where to get it: Starbucks

Salted Caramel Frappe

For something more indulgent, try this lush, creamy frappe with a rich swirl of caramel sauce, and topped with sugar crunch. Order with or without coffee, it’s delicious either way!

Price: £4.60
Where to get it: Costa

Pink Coconut Refresha

Finally, Starbucks are giving the UK people what they want.The Pink Coconut refresher aka The Pink Drink that broke the internet combines a creamy coconut milk base with sweet strawberry flavours. We can see why TikTok was buzzing for this thirst trap. Run, don’t walk.

Price: £5.90
Where to get it: Starbucks

Strawberry Lemonade

You might not have money for food or to hang out with your friends but you *always* have money for strawberry lemonade. Nostalgic, refreshing, sweet and zesty, try it once and you’ll never want your strawberries any other way.

Price: £2.70
Where to get it: Costa

Peach Ice Tea

The heatwave beverage of champs! Our cheeks feel alive at the mere mention of peach iced tea. Not too sweet and wielding just enough flavor to save it from tasting like glorified water / regret, this is a great option for anyone looking for a refreshing, energising beverage to make the morning commute bearable.

Price: £4.55
Where to get it: Starbucks

Stranger Things Frappuccino

It might be a ‘secret menu’ item (a network of drinks created by customers and baristas using Starbucks ingredients to create their own amazing recipes) and it might just cost you your entire life savings but we’re willing to risk it all for a ST frappe.

Top tip if you’re in the UK, you need to ask for the set list of ingredients, rather than the ST frappe, so memorise the hell out of this: Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with mocha drizzle. Technically, it’s not totally coffee-free due to the mocha drizzle but hey, that’s The Upside Down for you. Have courage and order one asap. Good luck!

Price: POA
Where to get it: Starbucks (suposedly)

Passionfruit Raspberry Frappuccino

New to Starbucks for summer ’22, this tropical taste sensation will see you through the heatwave. Featuring layers of passionfruit, raspberry and vanilla with a pop of pink berry sprinkles that will transport you to far flung paradise, it’s the perfect on-the-go bev to see you through the high temps. Hot hydrated summer starts right here!

Price: £5.70
Where to get it: Starbucks

Banana Split Cream Frappuccino

Starbucks’ take on the classic banana split dessert, with layers of caramelised banana sauce and mocha, finished with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

Price: £5.70
Where to get it: Starbucks

Fuzetea Strawberry Mint Ice Tea

Like a Pimm’s minus the sauce, this refreshing summer drink will go down a treat with a picky bits beach BBQ and cries of, “did anyone remember sun cream?”

Price: £3.60
Where to get it: Costa

Mint Chocolate Chip Frappe

A creamy drink with mint and choc chip frappe, topped with cream and Belgian chocolate drizzle. Who said mint choc was for sad girl autumn only?

Price: £4.70
Where to get it: Costa

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