Whether you can recite your sun, moon and rising sign backwards in your sleep or you just like to dip into your daily horoscope so that you can over analyze your every decision (lol, we stan Pisces), there’s an astrology tattoo out there for you .

From fine line constellations and minimal designs for the low-key ink lover, to cherubs, planets and tarot cards, here’s 30 cosmic tattoos to inspire your new tattoo. Just don’t book it whilst mercury’s in retrograde, eh…

1. A tiny shell for the water signs and an ode to the birth of Venus.

2. An astral masterpiece is what it is.

3. This dainty stick and poke Cancer constellation is a vibe.

4. Gang’s all here and they’re looking *celestial*

5. A bewitching shoulder tattoo if ever we’ve seen one.

6. A barely-there Aquarius constellation piece.

7. A big tarot card mood.

8. One for you, charming, beautiful, well-balanced Libras.

9. A hand-poked witch’s hand for the Circe fans.

10. A teeny, tiny Leo symbol for the minimalist ink-lover.

11. Floral but make it witchy!

12. Because books are magic.

13. Louder for the people at the back

14. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get delicate zodiac tattoos.

15. Celestial finger tats? The limit does not exist.

16. The planet of karma!


17. Category is: cute and meaningful.

18. Décolletage details ~ delicate and dreamy

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